Network Marketing Strategy – Video Marketing

video marketingWhat is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the hottest ways of showcasing and promoting your online business!

According to some recent studies, 57% of people have watched online videos at some point in their lives, and 19% watch them every day. Those figures appear to be growing steadily as internet usage and social Network Marketing Strategy grows more and more popular. Computers gradually seem to be replacing the almighty television. People can now use USB chords to hook up their computers to their TV, and there is really nothing on cable TV that they can’t watch online, whether this might be news, movies, or popular TV shows.

Furthermore, the studies projected that more than half of the people who watch a good video end up sharing the clips with friends through email or social networking sites using network marketing strategy. This serves as an example of the “viral power” of this kind of marketing, as we’ll discuss later on.

As the internet has advanced, text and pictures are gradually being replaced by audio and video. It is an extremely powerful medium that many marketers are now using to literally catapult their online businesses into success.

Video Marketing Tactics

These are some good tips you can utilize in video marketing to get the most out of your efforts using network marketing strategy

• Make sure your video marketing is targeted. You wouldn’t write a blog entry on gardening in your BBQ blog and you should treat videos the same way. They need to be laser-targeted to exactly what your visitors are looking for.

• Deliver good content. Articles and blog posts filled with non-nonsensical spun content might be okay for backlinks but will not drive traffic or increase conversions. The same could be said for crappy videos.

• Design your video to cater to your specific demographic.

• Write eye-catching titles and descriptions. Instead of “How I made money with ClickBank”, try “How I Made Over $420 OVERNIGHT Using Super Simple ClickBank Strategies!!”

• If you’re making a “how-to” video, list the basic steps but leave your viewers wanting more. Perhaps you could put a little tease at the end: “This will drive some traffic to your articles, but I know another method to cause a traffic EXPLOSION in only MINUTES!”

• When creating your next product, why not do away with the standard boring ebook and instead create a series of videos? Video content is still relatively fresh and new and may attract people who don’t feel like downloading their 57th ebook this year.

• Write a script for your video before you create it, especially if you’re going to speak. There are so many videos out there where it seems like the marketer has absolutely no idea what he or she is going to say, or how they’re going to say it. This makes for a very boring, awkward video.

• If you’re going to be featured in your videos, even only as a voice, you need to develop some kind of personality to make sure your visitors actually ENJOY your presence. A lot of marketers sound dull, boring, and like they’re doing something they hate. Inject some enthusiasm and brightness into your video, even if you have to fake it.

• Use your videos to actively develop your brand. Create a “style” for your viewers. They’ll become familiar with you and your “image”, and if it’s one they like they’ll keep coming back. Video marketing is a great network marketing strategy to put in place.

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