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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Network Marketing


Some say that network marketing is a scam. Others say it’s a viable way to build your own business. The truth is that network marketing can be either a dream or a nightmare, depending on a number of different factors. Some have built businesses and provided for themselves a lasting residual income. Others have dumped money into training and marketing materials without ever seeing a dime of profit.


The Good


The main advantage of network marketing is that it’s a low-cost business model. Although it takes some investment upfront, it’s considerably less than you would pay starting any other type of business. It’s a system that has launched many entrepreneurs who otherwise wouldn’t have started their own business.


It’s also relatively easy. Companies provide training and, in many cases, marketing materials. The system is designed so that anyone can join a network and within days be selling, even if you have no prior business or sales experience.


The most important factor is the product you’re selling. There are many excellent products out there that provide unique value and help customers. The best companies also work to create new product lines and improve their old products according to customer feedback.


Network marketing is often touted as a way for busy people to start their own business. It’s designed for people with limited time and flexibility, which means that even full-time workers or homemakers can get started with it.


The Bad


Many people fail at network marketing because they set unrealistic expectations about the time involved or the income they’ll receive. This is partly the fault of unscrupulous recruiters, who fill their new recruits’ heads with dreams of easy money with little effort. The truth is that there is no magic button that automatically makes you profits.


Your network marketing career starts with your ‘warm market.’ This means your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else you know. Some people try to push their friends or family members into joining the company because of the commissions they’ll receive. The problem is that network marketing isn’t for everyone, and pressuring them can put a strain on relationships.


Some companies put the emphasis on recruitment and not on sales. They focus on recruiting new downlines and profiting from their sales and further recruiting efforts. For them, product quality isn’t even a consideration. A good company focuses on its customers and its products, providing the best value possible.


The Ugly


There are some network marketing companies that are outright pyramid schemes. The product isn’t important at all. The person at the top of the organization makes huge money from all of the new recruiters signing up. They sell training materials to the new recruits with no actual intention of helping them earn any money. Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries.


Longevity is important in network marketing, but there are some fly-by-night companies that pop up just to make a quick buck from recruiting. They set you up with a business, and then the business disappears.


Due Diligence


Highly reputable companies such as Avon, Amway, and Pampered Chef have been founded and flourished using the network marketing business model. It’s a legitimate way to build a business. But before signing up with a company, you need to do your research and due diligence. Check out the company, its products, and its organizational structure to make sure it’s all it claims to be.

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