MLM Secrets – Getting Free Traffic from Search Engines: 5 Killer SEO Tips

mlm secretsYour here because you want to get the 411 on these SEO MLM Secrets. Well, if you want to start recruiting online, for your network marketing business, then you cannot afford to ignore the Biggest Name on the Internet – Google!

With Google you have the ability to send more traffic to your website than from anywhere else, and every single visitor is free.

Because Google can send you such a huge amount of visitors in such a short period of time, it’s important to look at what it takes to rank highly in search results.

This process is called Search Engine Optimization – SEO for short.

SEO can get very complex, because things can change so fast, but there are 5 basic proven tactics you can start using immediately to get your blog posts, articles, and website to rank higher in search results.

MLM Secrets 1. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the most important of these 5 SEO Tactics, because it involves finding out exactly what people are searching for every day, and more importantly… what they’re not searching for. You don’t want to waste your time creating articles and blog posts if nobody will ever read them.

Google has created an excellent (and free) keyword research tool here:

MLM Secrets 2. Quality Backlinks

When Google has to decide, in a split-second, which websites to rank highest for any particular search, it takes many things into account – one of the most important factors being Backlinks.

A backlink is when another site links to your site. That would be one backlink for you. Google looks at how many backlinks you have, and how important the sites linking to you are, to determine how important it thinks your site is. And the more important a site is, the higher it ranks! So the key is to get as many backlinks as possible from high-quality websites.

Click here for a Free Backlinking tool.

Get backlinks by the truckload with this new system


MLM Secrets 3. Keyword-rich Page Titles

If you want people to find you for a certain keyword phrase, try and make sure you’ve included it in the page title!  Think about what you see when you do a Google search for something – the top results almost always have your search terms in the page titles.

MLM Secrets 4. Anchor Text

When you link to pages on your site, or when other people do from their websites, the actual words that form the clickable link can positively affect your search engine rankings.  So when creating links don’t just use the words “click here”, use the keywords you discovered in your keyword research.

MLM Secrets 5. Target Keywords Within Body Content

A lot of people get this step wrong. On the one hand you have people who never use the keywords they wish to rank for, and on the other hand you’ve got the people who use them so much it looks like spam. If you want to rank in Google for a certain keyword or phrase, make sure you include it in the main content of your page. Make it fit naturally, and don’t just make a list of keywords, and don’t forget… don’t target too many keywords on any one page.  Keep it focused!

GOOD NEWS: Your competitors don’t know this stuff!

According to a report by dotSEO, only 25% of marketers know anything about Search Engine Optimization. This immediately disqualifies three quarters of your competitors! It also now puts you in that top 25%!

The report by dotSEO also says that only 14% implement their SEO knowledge, and 60% don’t currently invest in SEO at all.

This is by no means the end of your SEO education, but with what you already know you are probably able to take on most of your competitors. Your business can grow online, recruiting for you, while you handle other more important tasks – like training your new team members to duplicate your success. Discover more about MLM Secrets here!

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