Heavy Hitter MLM Network Marketing Lead Tips

MLM Network Marketing LeadWhy MLM Network Marketing Lead?

Well do you want to enjoy fame, fortune and prosperity? Think leads. Lots of leads. But it’s tough. Putting your hands on a good mlm network marketing lead can be like catching and holding water in your hands.

How exactly do you go about finding great leads and what, exactly should you do with them once you have them? Great Questions!

If you are serious about earning a significant income in your business, then finding a great answer to these questions and acting on them is important. Because working a great mlm network marketing lead makes for a great business. Working bad leads produces miserable results. Plain and simple. Also, be clear about your need to become a highly skilled communicator and leader. It’s critical.

MLM Network Marketing Lead – Quality Matters

MLM network marketing lead generation can be broken down into four general categories. Broader still – there are free leads and paid leads. For example, you can buy business opportunity seeker leads from a lead broker… or you can advertise to produce leads. You can cold call or simply approach your warm market… or you can attract free leads by producing, publishing and promoting valuable content.

Who do you send Christmas cards to? Think about planning a very, very special event. Who would you invite? Who would you want there to share the experience?

Jot down all the names and contact information for each of these people so you can connect with them. Discover where they are at in life right now. What special things, events or challenges are they having in life right now? Do your products, service or opportunity seem to be a potential solution for them right now? An opportunity to make their lives better? If so, then they will be more than happy to try your products or take a look at your opportunity if you simply let them know you have a potential solution. Then simply follow up to collect a decision. Do they want to come onboard as a customer, as a new team builder or perhaps not at all. Either way, it’s all good.

Getting a steady stream of new business builders into your business is what creates the long term, residual income you are looking for. So what’s the next step once your exhaust your warm market? What will you do then? Because it is absolutely critical to the success of your business to stay in personal production mode. That’s the shortcut, magic pill and secret ingredient all rolled into one.

Fresh MLM Network Marketing Leads

Many upline leaders and training programs would suggest you purchase a few hundred to a few thousands leads online once you run out of warm market contacts.. But buyer beware. Because the quality of these leads will go from great to good to okay to absolutely horrible. And expect to fork out anything from as low as a nickel per lead all the way to as much as $50 per lead.

Both online and offline lead generation costs a lot of money. Figure $12 to $25 or more. With up to twenty-five dollars invested, most brokers will sell a fresh lead for $5 or more a half dozen times. Then resell that same “aged” lead for $1 or more another dozen times. Dig a bit deeper into the industry and you might be shocked to discover that brokers sell leads to brokers to then turn around and sell them to you.

So while your broker could very well be honestly selling you a one-time exclusive lead – that same lead may also be distributed by other brokers offering it to other marketer’s as well.

Interested in generating your own MLM Network Marketing Leads?

There is an infinite amount of ways to make that happen. Think classified ads both online and offline. You can post help wanted or business opportunity ads on Craigslist or USFree ads. Place banner ads. Invest in list exchanges. Funnel traffic to your pages via pay-per-click or per-per-view or even video exposure. The sky is the limit. You can even outsource all of these promotional efforts if you want. The downside, of course, is now you will be eathing the $12 to $25 per lead cost yourself. So conversions (what you say and how you say it) will be much, much more important.

Heavy Hitter MLM Network Marketing Lead Generation

Most top income earners turn the odds of success in their favor (and you can do the same) by simply leading with free offers, training and tools designed to attract the interest of potential customers and new business partners. People don’t like to be sold, but we love to buy – don’t we? And that is attraction marketing in a nutshell.

Many of your best prospects will be those who decided building a business makes sense for them and their families. These hot prospects have also invested time, energy and money already and are – right now – looking for a solution to their problems. The goal is to make a trade. They have a problem. You offer free advice, then make it known you have even more valuable information available if they simply ask for it by leaving you their name, email and other contact information. It’s win-win.

Then do what all leaders do – stay in contact by phone, email, auto responder or even drop a personal note in the mail. Keep offering value. And when the time is right, they will approach you for more – guaranteed!

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