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Tribe Marketing Strategies Made public

Traditionally, tribe marketing has meant promoting services and goods inside a specific social group – like promoting only to stay at home moms or to disabled veterans.


The idea has been to increase results by making your marketing fit inside a tribal community better by speaking the same language if you will. But online tribe marketing means something absolutely differnt. Here is a short list of benefits.

* Automated Backlink Syndication
* Automated Facebook Integration
* Automated Twitter Integration
* Automated Blog User Collusion
* Automated S.E.O Processes
* Automated Live Traffic Systems
* Increased ROI

A Deeper Look at Tribe Marketing

Rocketing exposure is the name of the game when it comes to marketing any business both offline or web-based.

Goods and services simply do not sell themselves. Online, driving targetted traffic to your sales pages, blog content and social media outlets is vital.

One extremely effective way to try this offline has been to make an advertising or marketing cooperatives. This is where you partner with other non-competing players and share the price tag and rewards of a joint promotion. Perhaps you split costs and share a full-page ad, each running a half-page ad.

The challenge with these ordinary approaches is you or your company is responsible for initiating each expedition into the market.

But now imagine if you had a longtime advertising network set up where you might post your content and dozens, even masses of astute marketing consultants like yourself plugged your content into their marketing distribution systems for instant exposure?

Welcome to the glorious world of tribe marketing!

Automated Social Media Marketing on Steroids

To take advantage of the tribe marketing concept you need to be prepared and able to immediately share other member’s content thru a selection of social media networks.

The idea is the content you share, the more content your tribe marketing team members will share of yours.

Tribepro.com is one of the better tools you can use to take advantage of this concept for several years to come.

How do marketers benefit exactly?

One of the most effective methods to get your content to rank higher on the search sites is to get more quality back links from sites with some degree of authority – like Facebook, Digg, and Reddit amongst others.

Tribe marketing can potentially get you hundreds, even thousands of back links within seconds.

Also, since your content is actually being “shared” through real folk real marketing accounts – you may expect your message to be read and acted on by real folk also. Your content will actually be seen by possible prospects and clients and this will drive real traffic.

Creating a reciprocal marketing arrangement via the tribe marketing concept can open the doors to other collaborations, marketing deals and potential partnerships.

Tribe Marketing on the Fast Track

You have 2 basic choices. You can set up your own “tribe” and distribution processes or you can join an existing tribe with a serious system already in place.

Creating your tribe and distribution channel will be a big undertaking . Think loads of domains, hundreds of programme installs, great IT and heaps of admistrative work on the back end. This option is simply not realistic for most marketers.

Venture on over to tribepro.com and join up to their free service. Become involved. Join a tribe and syndicate a few pieces of content. Later you are going to want to upgrade to the enjoy the advantages of huge auto-syndication but you can hold off till you get a better idea the way in which the entire process works. It will take a bit for a new tribe to start enthusiastically marketing your content but when they do, watch out! This is an exceedingly dynamic marketing process that works.