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Network Marketing Strategy – 3 Steps to Success

The Global Recession has opened new doors to success for those willing to take the challenge and try something new. With the advancement in technology, those laid off or made redundant by their companies are turning to the internet to make money to meet every day needs. Most people are turning to Network marketing which according to Robert Kiyosaki Bestselling, Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, is the business of the 21st Century.

In order to be successful in network marketing you will need to understand some important secrets that only the master marketers understand and live by. No matter what program you are a part of, in order for you to succeed online you would need to master this 3 step process.

1.) Build a list
Whether you have built a website or not, the first critical step to get your business off the ground is to develop a list or a database of leads. If you currently have your own website you will need to get a lead capture page with an auto responder so that you can easily build a list and manage your prospect interest. You must complete step one before you can properly move to step 2.

2.) Build a Relationship with your prospect list
Building a relationship with your prospect list is a basic skill in network marketing. Network marketing is a business based on connecting with people. Just because it’s is mainly internet based doesn’t mean you can hide behind your computer and not connect with your leads, ie people. If you are not comfortable connecting or talking to people then sorry to say you are in the wrong business. Now you can still make money and not talk to a soul but if you want to be successful in network marketing you need to build relationships.

3.) Monetize your list
After you have built and connected with your list you can start to make money. If you notice, opportunities to make money will come after building relationships. This step is where most marketers screw it up. What most network marketers do is they build a list and then move straight into selling their product or try to get there list of people to join their business. This happens because most network marketers don’t have patience and they don’t think they need to spend the necessary time to develop their relationships. Unfortunately, they think all they need to do is generate traffic on their site; develop a list of prospects and BAM try to monetize on it. I can tell you from experience that does not work. The key is to success is to build a relationship and allow your prospect to get to know you then the business will come.

It is important to understand that this process is simple to understand and follow. This process will force you to move out of your comfort zone. The key would be to set small daily goals for yourself such as contacting one person a day from your prospecting list and connect with them, build a rapport based on location, hobbies, interests or favorite sport teams and sees if you can help them in any way. When you do that you will see your comfort level increase and your business start to take off. Good luck!

Numis Network Reivew

If you have not heard about the Numis Network then this review is for you, also if you have heard of Numis and you have any questions please continue to read also.

Numis Network is a Gold and Silver Network Marketing Company which was established in 2009. The people behind the company are Jake Kevorkian, Chris Kent and Ian Cordell. They have over 20 years each in network marketing. Jake was the #1 earner in a health and wellness network marketing company. He then ended up buying the company and then selling it off to his partner a few years ago. Ian and Chris owned a company named IDSTC (International Direct Sales Technology Corporation), which was a software solution providing company for other networking marketing companies. Over the last 10 years they have created over 400 compensation plans for other network marketing companies. So these are the guys that have seen what works, what doesn’t work, what make companies succeed and most importantly what make companies fail. So with 10 years of experience helping over 400 companies they know the recipe of success and they have put it all together in Numis Network.

Numis is a refreshing product that has no competition. In network marketing there are nearly 5,000 companies competing with similar products and services in a few limited categories. With the traditional network marketing companies their products have common disadvantages.

1.) Once the product is consumed it is gone forever.
2.) Most products or services either expire or become worthless

With Numis Network the advantages you have are:
1.) Everybody wants the product and everybody loves it.
2.) The product is exciting and prestigious
3.) Competitors can’t ever make a better one
4.) Have a lasting value and won’t become obsolete
5.) Can be shared for generations
6.) Demand is at an all-time high.
7.) AND It has never been done in network marketing

Numis Network is pioneering the sale of graded gold and silver coins through network marketing. Well, you may ask who is buying these coins. Let me tell you this is a $100 Billion industry, $11 Million is sold every hour and it has never been done in network marketing. The gold and silver numismatic coins industry has no clear leaders and Numis Network is in position to become the industry leader. The timing for gold and silver couldn’t be better.

What is the product? Numis Network Provide Government Issued Graded Gold and Silver Coins. What happen is they ship hundreds of thousand gold and silver bullion coins to be graded. Numis Network Uses the World’s leading Independent Graders.

ANACS – American Numismatic Association Coin Service
NGC – Numismatic Guarantee Corp
PCGS – Professional Coin Grading Services
Only 10% of the coin that are produced form the World Mints qualify for the highest grade of: Mint State 70. The coins that are certified MS70 are sonically sealed and encapsulated in for protection. These are the coins offered by Numis Network.

With Numis Network there is no experience necessary because there is step-by-step video training by Numis Top Leaders Ray Higdon, David Wood and Cedrick Harris. You will receive in-depth training, you will learn what and what not to say and how to effectively market on the internet. All the secrets the top internet marketers use to grow there Numis Network Business. This is one of the best network marketing companies to be a part of because there is so much support and everyone is out to help each other.

For more information on the Numis Network and how you can join visit http://collectrealassets.info and you will get a complete over view from top Earner Ray Higdon.

How to Promote on Facebook

If you are looking to succeed in network marketing you have to use necessary tools and learn how to promote on Facebook to generate leads. Facebook is the one of the best sources of free leads. Facebook has over 500 million users worldwide. There is no other social media site online hotter than Facebook. I want to give you some tips and strategies to generate leads into your business using the world’s best social network site.

What is the standard for success in social media marketing? Well, the answer is simple; socializing on a social media website. Your fellow Facebook users do not want to be bombarded with business pitches and invites to your business opportunities. Someone always has the next best thing. I am sure you have seen messages “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity” or a “Ground Floor Opportunity Don’t Miss Out”. Trying to get followers this way is not best way how to promote on Facebook.

How to promote on Facebook for lead generation? The key is not to promote your business initially. Your main focus should be to connect with people by getting to know your friend list. Every day you login to your Facebook account, send out a greeting to your friends. Use that chat feature to spark conversation about common interest. Find out about your friends’ work, family, favorite sports team or favorite places to travel. The goal is to build rapport and trust with your friends’ list.

After building a list and networking with your friends in order to set yourself apart from others you have to add value. This can be achieved by showing your new friends’ useful sites or webinars available. Once you have made a connection and they know you, as a person they can trust, then they will want to know what you do.

Please understand me when I say, Facebook is not my main strategy for leads. But, it is the simplest. All I do is connect with my friends’ list and they have the option opt into my blog’s RSS feed and newsletter. This is only because they find what I have to say valuable and helpful. It’s also helpful to manage your new network by scheduling time within the day to follow up on messages and new friend requests.

Another way on how to promote on Facebook is to target people from Facebook Groups that relate to your niche market or product. You will need to stand out from the rest of the marketers out there. You should not send them a link to your business opportunity, this will automatically turn them off to you and they can report you as a spammer.

The cool thing about network marketing is you are building relationships and connections with people from all walks of life and from different countries around the world. The only thing you must understand is you’re in this business to network. If you follow these networking tips via Facebook, you will attract droves of people to you and explode your primary business. It will take patience but you will get there. Good Luck and See You At The Top.

Additional information on How to Promote on Facebook training available.

Social Media Marketing- Change your Focus.

When it comes to successful social marketing one of the biggest
mistakes that many marketers make it that they are too focused on
making money and not enough on socializing. As an end result they
unknowingly spam their followers which often ends up in getting your
posts ignored, blocked or even banned.

When it comes to social marketing it’s very important that you use
social networks as they were intended (to socialize), especially if you
want to see any real results from your efforts.

Always remember to socialize first and promote second! When you do
this you will have no problem attracting hundreds, maybe even
thousands of happy fans, friends and followers that will be interested in
what you have to offer!

Thanks for reading! Make sure you look for your next tip soon.