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MLM Sponsoring – Four Steps to Doing Phone Call Invites

MLM SponsoringSo now you’re ready to start mlm sponsoring and inviting from your list of prospects, but your not quite sure how do you go about it……..

Below I will give you a few tips on exactly what you need to do when mlm sponsoring.

Phone calls are the quickest and most efficient way to reach someone you know. They’re warmer and friendlier than the average text message or email, and you don’t have to go out of your way to physically meet your invitee.

You just have to keep one thing in mind: The purpose of this call is to invite the prospect to come and see the business…and that’s all.

You will be tempted to explain the business—heck, you may even want to do the presentation over the phone! Please resist this temptation. Many people are not the auditory type who can easily visualize what you’re saying, and from there agree straight-away to join your business.

Presenting over the phone will most likely not get you the results that you want, and can even deter people from attending the presentation, so zip the lips! It’s better to have them meet you, where you can use every available tool you have in your arsenal to persuade and close them.

So now that the objective is clear, let’s move on to the steps.

MLM Sponsoring – Step 1: Preparation

First, set a particular time to make calls.  There isn’t one particular schedule that will be an exact fit for everyone, but people usually have time to speak with you in the morning right before work, just after their lunch break, or after work hours. So try to schedule your calls around those times.

Next, find a quiet place where you can make your calls undisturbed, and where you won’t disturb anyone else, say, your office or any private room.

Take a deep breath to clear your head, think about what you’ll say, then begin.

MLM Sponsoring – Step 2: Invitation

On the actual call itself, begin with this script:

“Hi Dana, it’s me Roger! How are you? (banter for a while) Great, I won’t take up too much of your time because I have a meeting to attend. I just wanted to share something with you briefly.– I’ve just started this amazing business with potential for global distribution, and I want to share it with you. Are you free to meet on Wednesday or Thursday evening?”

Simple, isn’t it? But this script actually does several things: a) it lets you reconnect or build rapport with your prospect; b) it gives them the signal that you don’t have long to talk and thus have no time to give details (the meeting can even be a lunch or dinner); c) it gives them the impression that your big business is worth getting excited about, and; d) it gives them the choice of two dates when YOU’RE free to present.

Feel free to alter the script as necessary, as long as you keep the above elements.

MLM Sponsoring – Step 3: Handling Questions & Objections

In a perfect example, your prospect will say, “Yes I’m free,” whereupon you give the time and place to meet for the presentation, thank them, and hang up. Moving on to the next name on your list.

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world and it’s highly likely that you’ll face some type of objection or questions, so here are some possible answers to questions they may have:

A. What kind of business is this?

Answer: “It’s a bit much to explain the details over the phone. I’d rather you see it for yourself, that’s why we need to meet. Is A or B better” (A or B being the dates and times you choose).

Or you can answer, ‘It’s a new business concept, that’s why we need to meet. Is A good or …”

B. Is it Sales? 

“Why, do you like sales? (Answers yes or no) Great, that’s why we need to meet. Is A good or …”


“We’re not looking for salespeople, we’re looking for business people.  Is A good or ,,,”

C. How much do I need to invest? 

“We’re not looking for investors, we’re looking for business people. Is A good or …

“The company is fully funded. We’re looking for smart, key people to work with us. Is A good or …”

D. Is it Company A/Company B (other big name networking companies)?

“It’s not Company A/Company B, that’s why we need to meet.  Is A good or …”

E. Is it Networking/MLM/Direct-selling?

“It’s a new business concept, that’s why we need to meet. Is A good or …”

“What do you know about networking?” (answers sales, recruiting, etc.)  “This is not about sales or recruiting, that’s why we need to meet. Is A good or…”

F. Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

“That’s illegal. This business is completely legal, that’s why we need to meet. Is A good or …”

If the prospect is still unsure, you can use the following power lines as well:

a. “You know me, I wouldn’t call you if I didn’t think this is important.”

b. “I’m not asking you to commit to anything. Just come and see what I’m talking about.”

c. “I’m looking for key business people I trust who can be a good fit for this organization. I immediately thought of you.”

d. “If the money is right and it won’t impact what you’re doing now, would you be open to seeing this business?”

MLM Sponsoring Step 4: Secure the Meeting

Once your prospect says yes, agree to the time and place to meet. Repeat the time and place so they won’t forget—better yet, email or text it to them. After that, it’s a matter of following them up a day or two before you meet.

Always focus on your objective—to get them to come and see the business, not to give details on the phone. Finally, always give them the impression that you’ll be happy to see them. To do that, simply SMILE while you’re talking. Even if they can’t see you, people can hear a smile through your voice.

Good luckin your MLM Sponsoring and happy calling!

ACN Energy Review – What You Didn’t Know!

ACN EnergyYou’re here because you’re searching for ACN Energy Review. ACN is a telecommunication company that uses the network marketing business model. ACN has been around since 199_ and operated in 23 countries around the world. As of recently ACN created the ACN Energy division focusing on providing electric and gas services. The ACN Energy is a member of the Direct Selling Associations (DSA) in North America, and Europe. ACN has strong reviews with the Better Business Bureau with a A rating. And is not a stranger from the spotlight with features on will known reality show like the Apprentice.

Everyone you know pays a energy bill, lets face it. Based on the state you reside in you may have the option to chose your energy provider. Before you never had the chose to choose the best rates for you because is the regulation of the energy markets. Now you do, if you currently reside in a state that has deregulated their energy market. You have the option shop around to find the best rate for your energy and/or your natural gas.


WARNING – This article contains real, un-biased information about ACN Energy from the standpoint of a career network marketing OUTSIDE of the ACN Energy company.


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ACN Energy – The Business Opportunity


Due to energy deregulation in many states there has been huge opportunities for the every day average person to take part in energy and helping people save money on the energy they already use. This allow average to team up with a successful company and promote a service that everyone uses and pays anyway. The good this is energy is a product that doesn’t offend anyone. Energy is something that most households can’t live without. If you’re looking to become self-employed or start your own business this is the perfect opportunity for you.

To get started in ACN Energy you will need an investment of $499. This beats the investment amount to open your own Subway or McDonald’s. With these companies you will need about $250k to $1 million. This make the opportunity in CAN Energy a No Brainer.

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ACN Energy – How To Become A Top Producer


Marketing? How are you going to grow your business? Promoting your new business to friends and family will only get you so far. In order to EXPLODE your business you going to need a flood of new prospects knocking your door you going to need to tap in to 21st Century marketing methods. Most friend and family are happy with their lives and don’t have the desire to be a entrepreneur. Your going to need to attract those liked-minded entrepreneurs.

You need to discover targeted individuals to share this opportunity with, people that believe in the network marketing business model and people that will see the opportunity the way you did. Problem is the majority of network marketers do not have a clue how to market on the Internet. They try washed out marketing strategies and the result is lack money and a lack of income. When online marketing, you need to stand out from the pack and offer reps a real solution and reason why they should join. This is a key quality of  a great leader. If you market like the rest you are not standing out from the crowd. You need to stand out for the pack. Do you want to make money or lose money in ACN? You need to stay consistent every day and expose people to you and your business every day and you will see success in ACN Energy.


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