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Here are Some Handy MLM Recruiting Tricks and Tips

mlm recruitingIf deep inside you actually do want to create financial independence for yourself and your family via your internet marketing business, you ought to be spending nearly all your time concentrating on MLM recruiting. Sponsoring and recruiting is where the money is.

Ask any successful network marketeer and they will tell you that’s where the cash is. That’s the facts.

Consider MLM Recruiting.

You could represent the best vitamin, service or technological advancement in the history of mankind – but if you spend your time promoting the product and getting new customers, don’t you actually just have a glorified commission-only sales job? Continue reading Here are Some Handy MLM Recruiting Tricks and Tips

Discover MLM Recruiting Online With 140 Characters or Less

MLM RecruitingMaster MLM Recruiting Online With 140 Characters or Less

MLM Recruiting with Twitter is too big to ignore.  Not only is it used by news agencies and your favorite celebrities, but also bloggers, business owners, network marketers, and increasingly… your friends and colleagues!

Twitter users are people with large social networks, and people with the ability to influence others. Go where your ideal mlm recruits are…

Twitter is the latest Social Networking site to grab everyone’s attention, and it shows no sign of slowing. There are now millions of users, and you can start growing your following immediately.

All marketing relies on an audience. If you have no audience for your message, you might as well not have a message. Twitter is an excellent tool to reach people online. It’s popular, it’s social, and it’s FAST. So much faster than a blog post, and so much quicker than making a video for YouTube. These are both good marketing tasks, but you can’t do them standing in line at the grocery store or when you’re watching a movie.

~ With MLM Recruiting You Must Understand the TWITTER LINGO

Some words you need to know:

* Tweet – a message you post to your profile for everyone to read
* Follower – someone who subscribes to your tweets
* Follow – when you subscribe to someone else’s tweets!
* @reply – when you direct a public tweet at a specific person, like “@arary_mcgowan hello”

~ WHAT SHOULD YOU POST ON TWITTERto Enhance Your MLM Recruiting?

Revealing your personality is more important than anything else. Just like offline mlm recruiting, online is all about “Know, Like and Trust”. If your prospects don’t know you and like you and trust you then they’re not your prospects!

With MLM Recruiting making the connection is vital. Join discussions. Start conversations. People will think you practically the ONLY legitimate Home Business Owner online who can help them. When the time is right they will go to an existing connection – YOU.

Post about your business successes, and attract successful people. Tweet your company news, showing things going from strength to strength.


One of the easiest ways of growing your list of followers is to first follow everyone you wish would follow you back. Most people will follow you back, which grows your list over time. You initiate the connection. Simple.

Here are some ways to find new followers:

* Twitter Search. You can use www.search.twitter.com to search for keywords that people mention in their tweets. This is a great way to find those interested in similar issues to you.

* Find Who Follows Who. Navigate to a user’s profile and you’ll see in the sidebar some small images of who they follow. You’ll also find a link at the top to see everyone who follows them. This is goldmine information! Find someone popular in your niche and follow their followers – instant audience!

* Existing Links. Don’t forget to put a link to your Twitter profile in your email signature, on your blog, and on your Facebook profile, and anywhere else people will see it.

* Automation is critical for MLM Recruiting. There are plenty of Twitter Automation Tools, and the most popular is Tweet Adder (http://www.twitteradders.com/tweet-adder). You tell it who you want to follow, based on keywords or location etc, and it will get to work. It will then keep track of who doesn’t follow you back and unfollow them automatically a week or two later.

Twitter now has over 200 million users… how many of them are perfect for your mlm recruiting?

My Video Talk Company Review – The Dirty Little Secret EXPOSED about My Video Talk

My Video TalkWhat is the deal with My Video Talk (MVT)?

There are three important elements that define the success of a network marketing company: the company’s leadership, the product, and the compensation plan. MVT has been experiencing momentum over the last year. What is the talk all about?

My Video Talk: The History

MVT was founded in 2002 by its parent company Team Effort International, LLC under the leadership of Mel and Amie Gill – who were both successful network marketers with over 20 years experience. This is a globally company, currently operating in North America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, Latin America and New Zealand. MVT is privately-held and debt free. Since My Video Talk has been in existence almost a decade, it has proven to be a solid, well-established company.


WARNING: My Video Talk is a legitimate company a needed energy product and great leadership.. But without understanding effective business and marketing strategies ANY Network Marketer is toast in this dynamic, highly-competetive green energy industry!

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So what is My Video Talk?

My Video Talk is a global company that offers the most cutting edge video producing products. Their video product line includes video conferencing services, live streaming broadcasts, personalized video e-mail, and on-demand video web channels. For a low cost of $299.90 +49.90 per month, you can purchase the Business Builders Studio and start your own MVT business. MVT also has retail plans that you can offer prospective clients to fit their needs. A family, for instance, may only be interested in video email to communicate with relatives far away. Can you imagine how excited Grandma will be to get a video of her grandkids singing happy birthday instead of a card? A business may be interested in using a larger package that includes video streaming or video channels. Can you say personal infomercial? Using MVT, you can communicate with the world on a personal level.

What is My Video Talk’s Compensation Plan?

My Video Talk has a unique double core binary, unheard of in other network marketing companies. There are several ways to earn an income – fast start bonuses, team building, retail sales commissions (20% on the first sale of the month, and 10% thereafter), weekly team commissions, executive leadership matrix bonus, ( are you tired yet?) monthly binary matrix, global rewards check match bonuses, leadership rewards, sales office program, and the President’s Club. They also offer the Benz/Bimmer club car program. MVT is also unique in that it pays out on a weekly basis, versus monthly as experienced with other network marketing companies.

Is My Video Talk Right For You?

MVT is the prime choice for someone who has a passion for video communication. With My Video Talk’s cutting edge products and global presence, using the internet is crucial to your success. Having a system like My Lead System Pro to teach you how to leverage the internet will only enhance your probability of success by creating an internet presence and generating tons of targeted leads.

My Video Talk is certainly a trustworthy organization. They possess a great management team, with a good product. Simply by joining up with them, you can position yourself to take advantage of the new wave. Nevertheless, it’s essential to point out that those points are not sufficient to assure your accomplishment. While having a legitimate opportunity is certainly essential, at the conclusion of the day, your own achievement will rely on your own skill to sponsor representatives, promote their services and develop a successful business. To do that, I highly recommend that you leverage an powerful attraction marketing system that makes it possible for you to brand yourself and generate qualified prospects. If you can mix offline team developing routines with online lead generation, you may very well be on your own way to developing a extremely powerful business. For network marketing tips and stratagies click here.

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You Decide if My Video Talk is for you.

MLM Blog – Supercharge Your MLM By Blogging Your Success!

MLM Blog Really? Now is not the time to be shy or humble. Now is the time to blog about your MLM success! People want to hear about your MLM journey and they want to know about your successes. They even want to know about your failures and how you kept on working to find success!

Your mlm blog is capable of being one of your best MLM recruiting tools, and here’s why: your readers want to know about you. They want to identify with you and they want someone they can look to as a role model. They want someone who will share tips and information and also tell them what to avoid. They want someone who isn’t afraid to put themself out there in public and make a name for themself. If you can do that, you’ll gain readers and subscribers and you’ll grow your business!

Tips For Your MLM Blog

If you haven’t already created your own blog, I highly suggest you do so as soon as possible. If you’ve already created one, I’d like to suggest some things you could share with your readers that will really grab their attention:


  • Your “journey to success” story.
  • Your advice on what not to do. Don’t be afraid to share the stories of mistakes you’ve made – just share how to avoid or fix the mistakes as well!
  • Ten reasons why your opportunity kicks the butts of every other opportunity out there.
  • Your tips for developing a strong business plan.
  • Your goal setting tips.
  • Stories about other successful people – they don’t have to be network marketers, just stories about successful people who reached their goals through hard work and perseverance.


Why Start a MLM Blog

For those of you who are hesitating to start their own mlm blog, I want to share with you some excellent reasons to:


  • It’s easy. Even people who are technologically challenged can start a mlm blog!
  • You can increase traffic to your website from your mlm blog.
  • You can automate your mlm blog posts, meaning that you can write one today, and set it up to post on any date that you choose.
  • Google likes blogs!
  • You can get backlinks to your blog and increase your page rank.
  • More visibility and another excellent way to build your personal brand.
  • You can monetize your mlm blog with Adsense and earn some extra money!
  • You can sell products (yours or other people’s) through your mlm blog.
  • People will subscribe and you’ll have an audience that is just waiting for your next post!
  • If you post on a consistent basis, your reader base will increase.
  • Readers can post comments, which means they can participate. You can answer comments if you like, creating a sense of trust and friendship.
  • You will earn the reputation of being an expert!

I hope I have convinced you to either start a blog or to continue blogging with lots of energy. Blogging is an incredibly powerful way of bringing in more traffic to your MLM website and making those valuable and highly sought after sales and recruits that we all need for success!


When you let people in on your MLM journey, share your successes and your publish helpful information, they will begin to see you not only as a trusted expert, but also as a trusted friend. This will lead to continued success on your Network Marketing quest with you mlm blog.

mlm blog

Is Numis Network A Scam? Warning: This May Piss You Off!

Numis Network ScamNumis Network Scam?

WARNING: Numis Network  is a legitimate company with “wanted products” and a generous compensation plan but without a flood of daily prospects and high quality leads 99% of distributors are toast in this dynamic and competitive market.

Like any other “young” network marketing company that is just starting to make a name in the industry, questions and concerns regarding its legitimacy and stability are likely to arise. And Numis Network is no exception. Founded in 2009, this MLM Company pioneered the sale of graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the industry of network marketing.

With its unique products, Numis provides a breath of fresh air from the common products other network marketing companies have to offer. But the pressing question is?

Since it’s still relatively new to the market, the MLM Company is met with criticisms by some internet marketers who suggest that Numis Network has elements of scams and pyramid schemes.

If you’re a newbie and searching for the right network marketing company, you may have probably come across some of their reviews. One pressing issue being brought upon is the easiness and simplicity of the marketing plan. Numis states that network building within the company is as easy as sending people to the replicated site issued with a membership.

Numis Network ScamThe Numis Network Scam catch: overwhelming competition. Since it’s relatively easy to gain prospective leads, more and more people are using the replicated site which ultimately renders to a lack of buyers. How are you going to stand out from the rest if the company is using the same capture online page for every member to use?

Now this is where personal branding comes in. Since the competition is really stiff and all of the members are pretty much using the same business proposition, what you should do now is add a personal touch to it.

As a network marketer, you should educate yourself with the effective marketing techniques that can be used offline and online.

In network marketing or any traditional business, it’s all about branding and the right marketing approach. And with a binary system and coded bonus combined into a unique comp plan, you will never be disappointed with Numis Network.

If you’ve been searching the web to validate the issue, then you may see the raging reviews of experienced network marketers about the compensation plan of the company. Some of them suggest that Numis Network offers the best compensation plan they have ever encountered. Not only is the company promoting fast growth and sustainability, it also aims to help its members attain financial independence for the long term.

Another question that adds up to the Numis Network Scam – Are the Numis Network graded silver and gold coins worth the money? The answer is yes!

Numis Network only offers the BEST and HIGHEST grade modern issue coins.

You will enjoy total confidence in knowing that you’ve purchased a collectible coin graded MS70. You are guaranteed a valuable and authentic coin since it is certified by the largest and most trusted coin grading services: ANACS, NGC, and PCGS.

These graded silver and gold numismatic coins are certified and ultrasonically protected for long-term preservation, an edge they have over the non-graded coins. Not only are they graded by recognized experts, they are also valued as rare and collectible coins which makes them more valuable and desirable than any ordinary, ungraded bullion type coins.

So is Numis Network a scam and a fly-by-night home-bases business?

The simple answer to that question is NO. The pioneering numismatic coin company is definitely not a scam or a pyramid scheme. It’s actually turning out to be a promising network marketing company with a solid foundation that is set to create a definite career path and a reliable source of wealth for the average network marketer.

Want to learn how Numis Network reps move endless amounts of product with a push of a button and enroll new hungry distributors on autopilot? Click here now!

Thanks for reading my Numis Network Scam Review.