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Increasing Web Traffic to Your Website With YouTube

increasing web trafficIf you’re not using YouTube for increasing web traffic, then you are three steps behind your completion. YouTube is the third most visited site in the World and has millions of subscriber and you can use that to your benefit by grabbing the attention of a number of those subscribers and sending them to your website. If YouTube is not in your arsenal increasing web traffic to your website then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.

There are a few benefits that YouTube can bring to your network marketing business.

#1 How Youtube Increasing Web Traffic

YouTube brings a massive audience as it has millions of viewers daily and these viewers are possible customers. If you can connect and grab the attention of the YouTube visitors, then you can direct them to your website. This will be massive audience of possible customers all in the one place.

#2 How Youtube Increasing Web Traffic

YouTube ranks very well in the search engines, so when you add your video to YouTube and have done proper keyword research then there is a good chance that video will rank on the 1st page Google.com for that particular keyword. There you will be able to add your website in the description box pointing back to your website and the large amount of web traffic you receive to your video can then backlink to your website.

#3 How Youtube Increasing Web Traffic

If your video offers true value then it can become viral and a viral video will drive massive traffic. If a video becomes viral then subscribers recommend it to their friends, who then recommend it to their friends and so on and the viewing number grows into the thousands very fast. Each of these subscribers will see your backlink and this will increase your web traffic.

#4 How Youtube Increasing Web Traffic

YouTube has a subscription option where anyone one who visits your video or channel can subscribe to your channel to stay updated if you put out a new video. This is a great way to market to your video subscribers and keep them coming back more value and visit your website.

YouTube is a great source to get web traffic to your website. The good thing is it’s free, so if you’re just getting started and money is tight YouTube is a good platform to get started with. You will have the benefit of having your videos viewed for years to come with in turn will increase your web traffic for a long time.

Get started using YouTube, you will be amazed how it will start increasing web traffic to your site.