MLM Success – Seven Must-Do Tips for Network Marketing Recruiting

network marketing recruitingNetwork marketing recruiting is the life blood of making a fortune in the MLM business model. 

Marketers are drawn to the business because they want a passive income lifestyle.  Yes, selling a huge volume of products can create a sizable income.  However recruiting and sponsoring new leaders or business builders is the ticket to take advantage of what network marketing has to offer.

The direct selling industry is based on the concept of satisfied customers sharing their enthusiasm about a product while having the opportunity to generate income with the sale of that product.   Bringing in others, who share the same sentiments to also make sales, doubles the selling efforts of the original sponsor.  In other words, sponsors prosper from the selling accomplishments of others.  More opportunity to earn is presented by the number of newly recruited and those later recruited by them.  Each organization differs with their precise model but the premise remains the same.

The most successful representatives learn how to effectively prospect and build a community with similar goals.

Here are seven tips:

Network Marketing Recruiting Step # 1

Have Genuine Conversations – Every prospect has different reasons why they may want to be an entrepreneur or be financially independent.  Asking sincere questions about their desires will give the chance to learn exactly what they want and their motivation level.  Then present how your opportunity may be best suited for them and their needs.

Network Marketing Recruiting Step # 2

Check your belief system – Do you truly believe that your company can change lives and that you are on the success track?  Believing this is necessary– otherwise why would anyone want to join your team?  Uncertainty will lower your energy level during presentations.  Do research on your company.  Learn how it has changed lives and it if possesses integrity and true opportunities.  Study your product line and understand the benefits.  Having a strong belief about your organization will come across as sincere when itís time to recruit.

Network Marketing Recruiting Step # 3

Build your list of contacts – Thanks to the world wide web, who you know can go way beyond your address book or holiday card list.  There are many sites where you can strike up conversations over any number of topics to begin to build relationships.  Establish the contacts then stay in touch.  Learn how to build an email list and offer great incentives for contacts to buy and/or join your team.

Network Marketing Recruiting Step # 4

Develop your vision and plan – Goals predetermine actions.  When your ultimate vision is clear, then planning the steps to get there is much easier.  Do the four Wís.  Decide on what you want, when it will be achieved, who will be part of journey, and why you have this particular goal. Then use those facts to plot out the necessary action steps.

Network Marketing Recruiting Step # 5

Track stats – Part of success of being able to monitor and course correct.  This means if something isnít working, you have to be able to pinpoint where and what went wrong.  Track your actions.  For example – if a goal is to sponsor two new representatives in 30 days ñ then you need to know how many conversations it takes to get new sign-ons.

Network Marketing Recruiting Step # 6

Presenting 24-7 with online video, audio, web 2.0 stuff  – the internet provides so many opportunities to have potential conversations ñ even when youíre not online.  Create a series of videos or audios (podcasts) that preaches the benefits of joining your organization.  Promote your videos on and/or launch a free podcast show on

Network Marketing Recruiting Step # 7

Daily Action and Commitment – Nothing is gained without a solid commitment to action steps.  Daily action steps.  Realistically decide on what daily tasks you can do to build your business – and do them.  Commit.

Bonus Tip – Look for and champion leaders – Don’t bring tire-kickers onto your team.  You know the folks who really just joined to get you off their backs or openly lack initiative.  Make it a point to recruit people who are motivated, wish to change their lives, believe in the products, and believe they have the it factor to build a business of their dreams.

Network marketing recruiting is a key element in many direct selling organizations.  Simple math reveals the more people in your downline, equals more profits for all.  However recruiting requires daily action, commitment, having genuine conversations, knowing the value of your company, having a clear vision, and perhaps a bit of internet savvy to build list of prospects.  It is possible.  Anyone with a bit of determination can accomplish this goal.  You were recruited after all. Let get out there is and start network marketing recruiting.

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