3 Facebook Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid

facebook recruitingIs Facebook Recruiting for you?

With over 901 million people in its network, Facebook is the go-to spot for hungry network marketers looking to recruit fresh blood into their home based business.

And, while Facebook is an absolute goldmine, prospecting on this social network has gotten a little bit out of control. So to help you learn how not to grow you business on Facebook here are three steps every online marketer needs to know about Facebook Recruiting.

1. Keep a Professional Profile

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been prospected by someone who has a timeline cover of them hanging out in a club with drinks in their hands, or a wall full of profanity.

To attract the types of people who want to seriously build a business from home, you have to present yourself in a professional manner. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you shouldn’t be yourself. But, network marketing is a serious profession, and if you want to recruit other top notch teammates, you must convey some sort of tact.

2. Get rid of the urge to spam

With the way that people spam their affiliate and business opportunity links online you’d think this sport of activity must be driving results if so many people are doing it.  WRONG! The only thing worse than having no prospects is having angry and annoyed prospects. Never send mass messages in the hopes you’ll catch a few people who are interested in your business…it does not work.

3. Don’t take advantage of your relationships

One of the most tragic things on Facebook is the blatant lack of respect and courtesy people have for their “friends” because they are so focused on promoting their business. Look, Facebook is a social network, which means you should be building friendships. When someone accepts your friend request, don’t make them regret it because the first thing you send them is a link to your MLM opportunity. I know we’ve all seen those messages:

‘Hey Andrea, I see you are interested in Internet Marketing, me too! Let me share with you this amazing opportunity. I’m not trying to pitch you my business, but if you are interested, here is my link. I think you’d love it. Looking forward to learning more about you.”

Not trying to pitch your business, huh! This is not what you want to do to build a successful business online, and when it comes to recruiting on Facebook, you should never, ever, ever, send an “unsolicited link” out.

Social media is a place to get to know new people, share stories, connect through pictures, videos, and status updates. Not everyone is going to be a good fit for your business opportunity, and it is your job to connect with people first to figure that out.

If you take the time to nurture your relationships on Facebook, you’ll have people running to you to ask you what it is that you do and how they can be a part!

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