organo goldNow that you’ve made the choice of getting into OrGano Gold, you may be feeling thrilled and a bit nervous all at the same time! But don’t worry, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with this business; success in network marketing comes through duplication and systems, and Organo Gold has laid both of these out perfectly!

Here are a few steps to get you started on the right track.

Step #1 to Organo Gold Success: Get A Gold Pack

The first thing you should remember is that you need to make yourself your own best customer. People buy your product primarily because you believe they’re great, and they believe in you. Which is why you should pick up the best package there is and run with it. This has several advantages for you.

First, it gives you a wide array of products to market. Secondly, it allows you to earn a 20% bonus on Dual Team Commission and 20% bonus whenever your sponsor gets Unilevel Commission. Given time, these profits can be huge—and imagine getting more money for the same amount of work!

But the best reason to get a Gold Pack is to entice your clients to do the same. Who would get a Gold Pack from you if you yourself are a Silver or a Bronze? Again, you are your own product. Having a Gold Pack helps you earn higher points, and it helps your clients and teammates because they get more products and a higher bonus. So do yourself a favor—get one today.

Step #2 to Organo Gold Success: Follow The Lead Of Your Upline

The truth is, your upline has invested in your success. As you grow rich, they grow rich. So they are very much interested in passing on what they know to you to ensure that you succeed.

Take the time to sit with your mentor and let them teach you how to market, how to present the products, and how to present yourself. Be teachable! Even if you have similar sales background, your mentor has been a success in this business already and holds the blueprint to your wealth.

Step #3 to Organo Gold Success: Build Up Your Marketing Tools

Social media and the written word will go a long way in helping you market your business. While it’s true that you can do effective face-to-face meetings with friends and neighbors, it’s also true that you can reach thousands, perhaps millions of people, by posting a well-written marketing piece or a helpful tutorial video online.

What do you talk about? You can write about how good the products taste, how it benefited your health or that of someone close to you, how much the business has changed your life. Reach out to people and respond positively to any questions they may have.

These are just some of the things you can use, but there’s so much more that you can learn from a good mentor.

Throughout all this, it’s important to be truthful and sincere, to get people to see you as real. The more real you seem, the more people will be interested in learning from you and joining your organization.

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