5LINX REVIEW – Is it Really A Scam

by Arary McGowan on October 7, 2011

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5linxIf you happen to be reading over this 5LinX Review, chances are you might be looking into 5Linx, and considering being a representative. Well before you sign on, I would like to recommend you go over this whole review so you can easily make an educated decision about the actual company and business opportunity.

5LINX: History

Established in 2000, 5 Linx distinguished itself in the network marketing industry by making the Fortune 500 list in 2005. The company is backed by a great management team and a promising compensation plan. Once new distributors get the hang of utilizing new technologies and marketing systems, they can turn good profits in a reasonable amount of time. Also, the company’s longevity is a sign of their prosperity—most network marketing start-ups close up shop in their first few years.

WARNING: 5LINX is a legitimate company a needed energy product and great leadership.. But without understanding effective business and marketing strategies ANY Network Marketer is toast in this dynamic, highly-competetive industry!

The company’s business is basically three-pronged: sales of its telecommunications products, direct marketing of the business, and product development. The president and CEO of the company, Craig Jerabeck, has an extensive background both within the MLM industry and with telecommunications and technology. 5 Linx is privately held and is considered one of the fastest-growing within the industry. Products include wireless phones and accessories, Internet, satellite TV, long-distance phone services, and its VoIP calling plans.

5 Linx creates magnetism, because of the affordability of their products as compared to the established brands on the market. The demand for connectivity is high—everyone wants to be connected. There are 8 ways to get paid with 5 Linx, which includes commissions from the sale of their products and monthly residual income when clients and distributors make their monthly payments.  There are also various opportunities to earn bonuses and incentives such as vacations, luxury cars, and profit-sharing. Oh… and that luxury car is a Bentley.5 linx

How to get involved in 5LINX

You can become a 5 Linx representative at two levels, either as a Customer Representative for $99 or as an Independent Marketing Representative (IMR) which requires an initial investment of $499. There is a monthly fee of $49.99 which gives you a website with all products and services, a back office with all your team and corporate info, 5 Linx® University, 5Linx® TV, 5 Linx® magazine and access to various other websites provided by 5 Linx®. There is also a $99 annual renewal fee.

Another big advantage to joining 5 Linx is that you can fully leverage the internet and social marketing to get the brand out in your target market. The key element here is to have an effective marketing system that will generate leads and add as sales funnel to your 5 Linx business. With a system like that, you can earn an income whether your prospect says yes or no. You can generate enough leads so that you can grow your organization quickly and efficiently. With the right leverage and approach, even those new to the industry can enjoy success with 5 Linx.

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Thanks for reading my review of 5LINX

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