Internet Marketing Success – Active Marketing vs Passive Marketing. What Will make you money NOW??

Active Marketing vs Passive Marketing

You want to know is Active Marketing vs Passive Marketing is there really a benefit to either. If you are looking to make one today. You need to implement a Active marketing strategy. That mean you need to actively market by getting on the phone or connecting with a prospect on social media. Now when you active market on social media you can’t come off as someone looking to make a sale. You need to find out about the prospects need. What is their pain? What are they struggling with in their business. They you ask them “If i can show you a way to (fix the pain) wuold you be interested in looking at what I have.” They will either say yes or no. If they are really in pain they will say yes. This is how you conduct active marketing.

No passive marketing is a differ long term strategy. Now this is something that you must have out there generating you lead on a long term basis. Now passive marketing is creating a blog post, a video, some other sort of content creation, building a social media presence. These passive marketing strategies are good, but you must make sure you are optimizing it as much as you can.

If you want to find out how to best implement a effective active marketing and passive marketing strategy click the link below.

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