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4 Recruiting Tips for Social Media Marketing

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social media marketingWhile most people move online to get out of the “hard work” that comes with prospecting and recruiting people into their home based business, the reality is that just as many people suck at social media marketing as they do with traditional methods.


Because they haven’t been trained correctly on how to build a business using online marketing methods.

I am sure you’ve been slapped in the face with someone’s business opportunity link without them even asking you what your name is. Not only is this annoying, but it dilutes the power of social media marketing.

So let’s start with the basics.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is not just the act of prospecting and recruiting people into your business using social media, it is a great way to network, meet new people, and get to know about them, socially.

You should never have a shortage of “MLM leads” when you have millions and millions of people online that you can attract and prospect. It is virtually impossible to run out of leads.

So how can you take advantage of this endless stream of leads?

Here are 4 Tips for Recruiting on Social Networks:

1. Never slam people with unsolicited links. In fact, you should never even mention your company and products unless the prospect asks you first. You’ll see that many times social networkers will beat people over the head with their opportunity just because it’s the new, hot thing being promoted online. This is not effective, and it can actually damage your reputation.

2. Engagement is the name of the game. People are too smart and savvy to fall for the one conversion pitch. Be friendly, be open when carrying on a conversation, and keep the door open to future correspondence. Don’t think you have to close someone the very first time you talk to them. More often than not you’ll just ruin your chances of ever getting them to look at your opportunity in the future, even if they may have been interested.

3. Control the conversation by listening. People like to share information with others when they get the feeling someone really cares about what they have to say. You don’t have to talk, talk, talk to control the direction of the conversation, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Ask questions…I guarantee that when people stop talking about themselves, they’ll feel comfortable enough to ask you about your business and life simply because you took the time to show genuine interest in them.

4. Also, be in qualifying mode. A huge part of asking questions is to get a feel about someone. Not everyone you talk to is someone you actually want to work with. When you are doing your social media marketing, look for qualities, traits and characteristics that make you feel good about working with someone. What makes social networking so awesome is that you can take a look at the friends a potential prospect has, how they converse online with other people, and what they post. There have been many times where I have purposely not mentioned my business because the person I was talking to was not the type of person I wanted to work with. That’s what makes building your own business so appealing – you choose who you want to work with.

So, hopefully, these four tips for recruiting on social networks help you. Begin using them, and you’ll see a huge difference in your social media marketing success.

Attraction Marketing System

Stay tuned for more on social media marketing.

How to Get Started With MLM Prospecting

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mlm prospectingSo, you are new to network marketing, you’re excited to get out there and share you business with the world, but there’s just one problem…
How do you start putting people into your business when there are no leads to talk to?
This is a common problem for many home based business owners. After you’ve run home and shared the opportunity with your friends and family – what can you do next to build your business, particularly if you don’t have a marketing budget? Continue reading How to Get Started With MLM Prospecting

Network Marketing Recruiting: How to Prospect A Total Stranger

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network marketing recruiting


Network Marketing Recruiting is the #1 skill that every network marketer must master.

As online marketers we get comfortable hiding behind a computer, prospecting behind the cloak of Facebook, Twitter and our Blogs. But, to become a true recruiting machine online there will be times where you will have to get out from behind the curtain, step outside of your comfort zone, and actually talk to prospects on the phone that you do not know.

Shocking but true… Continue reading Network Marketing Recruiting: How to Prospect A Total Stranger

Here are Some Handy MLM Recruiting Tricks and Tips

mlm recruitingIf deep inside you actually do want to create financial independence for yourself and your family via your internet marketing business, you ought to be spending nearly all your time concentrating on MLM recruiting. Sponsoring and recruiting is where the money is.

Ask any successful network marketeer and they will tell you that’s where the cash is. That’s the facts.

Consider MLM Recruiting.

You could represent the best vitamin, service or technological advancement in the history of mankind – but if you spend your time promoting the product and getting new customers, don’t you actually just have a glorified commission-only sales job? Continue reading Here are Some Handy MLM Recruiting Tricks and Tips

Discover MLM Recruiting Online With 140 Characters or Less

MLM RecruitingMaster MLM Recruiting Online With 140 Characters or Less

MLM Recruiting with Twitter is too big to ignore.  Not only is it used by news agencies and your favorite celebrities, but also bloggers, business owners, network marketers, and increasingly… your friends and colleagues!

Twitter users are people with large social networks, and people with the ability to influence others. Go where your ideal mlm recruits are…

Twitter is the latest Social Networking site to grab everyone’s attention, and it shows no sign of slowing. There are now millions of users, and you can start growing your following immediately.

All marketing relies on an audience. If you have no audience for your message, you might as well not have a message. Twitter is an excellent tool to reach people online. It’s popular, it’s social, and it’s FAST. So much faster than a blog post, and so much quicker than making a video for YouTube. These are both good marketing tasks, but you can’t do them standing in line at the grocery store or when you’re watching a movie.

~ With MLM Recruiting You Must Understand the TWITTER LINGO

Some words you need to know:

* Tweet – a message you post to your profile for everyone to read
* Follower – someone who subscribes to your tweets
* Follow – when you subscribe to someone else’s tweets!
* @reply – when you direct a public tweet at a specific person, like “@arary_mcgowan hello”

~ WHAT SHOULD YOU POST ON TWITTERto Enhance Your MLM Recruiting?

Revealing your personality is more important than anything else. Just like offline mlm recruiting, online is all about “Know, Like and Trust”. If your prospects don’t know you and like you and trust you then they’re not your prospects!

With MLM Recruiting making the connection is vital. Join discussions. Start conversations. People will think you practically the ONLY legitimate Home Business Owner online who can help them. When the time is right they will go to an existing connection – YOU.

Post about your business successes, and attract successful people. Tweet your company news, showing things going from strength to strength.


One of the easiest ways of growing your list of followers is to first follow everyone you wish would follow you back. Most people will follow you back, which grows your list over time. You initiate the connection. Simple.

Here are some ways to find new followers:

* Twitter Search. You can use to search for keywords that people mention in their tweets. This is a great way to find those interested in similar issues to you.

* Find Who Follows Who. Navigate to a user’s profile and you’ll see in the sidebar some small images of who they follow. You’ll also find a link at the top to see everyone who follows them. This is goldmine information! Find someone popular in your niche and follow their followers – instant audience!

* Existing Links. Don’t forget to put a link to your Twitter profile in your email signature, on your blog, and on your Facebook profile, and anywhere else people will see it.

* Automation is critical for MLM Recruiting. There are plenty of Twitter Automation Tools, and the most popular is Tweet Adder ( You tell it who you want to follow, based on keywords or location etc, and it will get to work. It will then keep track of who doesn’t follow you back and unfollow them automatically a week or two later.

Twitter now has over 200 million users… how many of them are perfect for your mlm recruiting?