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Why Melaleuca Will Unlock Your Financial Wellness

Why Melaleuca?

why melaleucaIf you are reading this article, you are probably thinking about joining Melaleuca. You may want to know more about the company, the product, and the pay plan. Or you may be simply looking for the benefits the membership will give you. After all, what’s in it for you?

While it is important to get to know the type of network marketing company you have signed into, it is also imperative to take note of the advantages it offers. This way, you will know what to expect.

Why Melaleuca?

Melaleuca is a great business to start with, especially if you’re looking for long-term financial independence. This direct sales company has been around since 1985, manufacturing and distributing a variety of home, health, and wellness products. Their products contain melaleuca, a tea tree oil that is used for a wide range of topical and oral applications.

A solid company, Melaleuca prides itself for having “green” products that can be bought at reasonable prices. This fact alone keeps happy customers coming back for more. And with over 350 of the world’s leading wellness products, the company promotes only the highest standards of safety, health, and wellness.

For 25 years, the company has been focusing on environmental wellness, leading the way in selling natural products to preserve nature’s resources. Through this, you are assured of more effective, safer, and better products for the benefit of the environment.

Why Melaleuca?

With Melaleuca, you are guaranteed of better products at a better value. It’s like finding a new store where the prices of the products are deemed lower than that of a regular grocery store. By taking just a portion of your allotted shopping budget, you only spend half of what you normally do.

Seems too good to be true? Not quite. The company has been in business for almost 25 years. That said, you are ensured of a REAL company with REAL products which deliver REAL results. And since every product of the direct sales company is Green, you don’t have to worry about acquiring harmful chemicals, like ammonia and chlorine bleach.

Not only that, by helping the company enhance the lives of others, you can attain financial freedom. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a business professional, a soon-to-be retiree, or simply looking for a part-time income source – Melaleuca is right for you.

Earning commission from the company is done by referring the products to the people you know. Be it a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or any person you meet – you will earn 7% – 20% commission based on your product sales. Just remember that successful lead generation cannot be done over night. You will need effective techniques and strategies to pull it off.

There may be more established companies out there. And compared to them, Melaleuca is relatively young. But an older and larger business doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best business. And despite its young age, the wellness company proved to be one of the best. Enough reason for anyone to join. So what are you waiting for?

To join Melaleuca or to learn more about building a successful business, visit my website at to get more tips and insight to building a successful business. Now you know Why Melaleuca.


My Video Talk Company Review – The Dirty Little Secret EXPOSED about My Video Talk

My Video TalkWhat is the deal with My Video Talk (MVT)?

There are three important elements that define the success of a network marketing company: the company’s leadership, the product, and the compensation plan. MVT has been experiencing momentum over the last year. What is the talk all about?

My Video Talk: The History

MVT was founded in 2002 by its parent company Team Effort International, LLC under the leadership of Mel and Amie Gill – who were both successful network marketers with over 20 years experience. This is a globally company, currently operating in North America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, Latin America and New Zealand. MVT is privately-held and debt free. Since My Video Talk has been in existence almost a decade, it has proven to be a solid, well-established company.


WARNING: My Video Talk is a legitimate company a needed energy product and great leadership.. But without understanding effective business and marketing strategies ANY Network Marketer is toast in this dynamic, highly-competetive green energy industry!

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So what is My Video Talk?

My Video Talk is a global company that offers the most cutting edge video producing products. Their video product line includes video conferencing services, live streaming broadcasts, personalized video e-mail, and on-demand video web channels. For a low cost of $299.90 +49.90 per month, you can purchase the Business Builders Studio and start your own MVT business. MVT also has retail plans that you can offer prospective clients to fit their needs. A family, for instance, may only be interested in video email to communicate with relatives far away. Can you imagine how excited Grandma will be to get a video of her grandkids singing happy birthday instead of a card? A business may be interested in using a larger package that includes video streaming or video channels. Can you say personal infomercial? Using MVT, you can communicate with the world on a personal level.

What is My Video Talk’s Compensation Plan?

My Video Talk has a unique double core binary, unheard of in other network marketing companies. There are several ways to earn an income – fast start bonuses, team building, retail sales commissions (20% on the first sale of the month, and 10% thereafter), weekly team commissions, executive leadership matrix bonus, ( are you tired yet?) monthly binary matrix, global rewards check match bonuses, leadership rewards, sales office program, and the President’s Club. They also offer the Benz/Bimmer club car program. MVT is also unique in that it pays out on a weekly basis, versus monthly as experienced with other network marketing companies.

Is My Video Talk Right For You?

MVT is the prime choice for someone who has a passion for video communication. With My Video Talk’s cutting edge products and global presence, using the internet is crucial to your success. Having a system like My Lead System Pro to teach you how to leverage the internet will only enhance your probability of success by creating an internet presence and generating tons of targeted leads.

My Video Talk is certainly a trustworthy organization. They possess a great management team, with a good product. Simply by joining up with them, you can position yourself to take advantage of the new wave. Nevertheless, it’s essential to point out that those points are not sufficient to assure your accomplishment. While having a legitimate opportunity is certainly essential, at the conclusion of the day, your own achievement will rely on your own skill to sponsor representatives, promote their services and develop a successful business. To do that, I highly recommend that you leverage an powerful attraction marketing system that makes it possible for you to brand yourself and generate qualified prospects. If you can mix offline team developing routines with online lead generation, you may very well be on your own way to developing a extremely powerful business. For network marketing tips and stratagies click here.

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You Decide if My Video Talk is for you.

ViSalus Sciences Review – Is ViSalus Worth Your Time?

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ViSalus sciencesThere are many business opportunities to choose from and ViSalus Sciences seems to be one of those that is getting a lot of attention lately…but is ViSalus really worth your time?

In this ViSalus sciences review I will give you the details to help you determine if ViSalus is worth your time and money. Let it be known that I am not a ViSalus distributor so this review is completely unbiased and based strictly on facts.

The ViSalus Sciences Company

ViSalus Sciences has actually been around for quite a while but is just now gaining steam and momentum, creating a great deal of buzz in the industry.

They have proven themselves to be an established company that has yet to reach their potential, as they have been around for almost 10 years and have weathered the “new MLM challenge” of sustaining past its first 3-5 years in business. According to the industry website they have grown by 54% in the last 6 months.

The company is based out of Troy, Michigan with Ryan Blair as the CEO. The leadership supporting ViSalus has a lot of experience in the MLM industry.

The ViSalus Sciences Products

ViSalus has a number of high quality weight management and health products. ViSalus Vi-Shape is their weight loss product. The ViSalus Vi-Pak gives your body the nutrition it needs and ViSalus Neuro is an energy drink mix made with healthy ingredients to boost your mental and physical performance.

visalus sciences


The ViSalus Sciences Opportunity

The ViSalus compensation plan is based on a unilevel pay plan, which has been used by many successful companies in the network marketing industry. The car bonus ViSalus offers is pushed towards the FRONT of the compensation plan when you hit Regional Director, which is only $12,500 in volume. When you reach Regional Director, you get $300 automatically added to your check. Once you actually buy or lease a new or used Black BMW, and you show them the registration papers, they give you $600!

After reading the facts in this ViSalus Review, you can be sure that ViSalus Sciences is a legitimate business that is starting to create huge momentum. Unfortunately most people will never reach the top of the compensation plan in ViSalus because they don’t know how to market their businesses properly.

ViSalus is in a strong momentum phase and is poised to become one of the biggest MLM companies in the industry. Their aggressive pay plan and the ability to get their sales force excited and active is the kind of momentum that creates top income earners.

If you know how to generate leads and convert those leads into new business partners a company like ViSalus can very much be worth your time. To learn more about getting fresh prospects for your ViSalus Sciences business to have the money and success you deserve visit MLMSuccessTips

Warning::: Melaleuca Scam – Is Melaleuca Really A Scam. Let The Turth Be Told.

melaleuca scamThe Truth about the Melaleuca Scam.


MLM here, network marketing there. It must be really confusing to choose which company to join. Most likely if you are reading this review about Melaleuca Scam, you are researching about the business you are considering. Perhaps you are looking for a new opportunity in business, but reading this article can help you decide if the business is right for you.

Melaleuca Scam: Who is Melaleuca?

Melaleuca is a massive manufacturing company. Who actually compete against Proctor & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Lever Brothers and other manufacturing companies. Melaleuca does not compete against MLM and Network Marketing Companies like Amway/Quixtar, Shaklee, Nuskin, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Noni-Juice because they are not an MLM – Melalueca don’t inventory, sell, deliver or touch people’s products. They are a catalog shopping company and people order through an 800# or online 24 hours a day.

WARNING: Melaleuca Scam? Really?? Melaleuca is a legitimate company with “wanted products” and a generous compensation plan but without a flood of daily prospects and high quality leads 99% of distributors are toast in this dynamic and competitive market.

Melaleuca has been in the market for over 25 years. The company has derived its name from melaleuca, also known as tea tree, a star ingredient in their products. Melaleuca has its roots in the Consumer Direct Marketing company dating back to the ‘80’s. Frank VanderSloot dissolved the former Oil of Melaleuca, Inc., after suffering major loss of profits and re-established it, forming a new marketing plan and started this new company, shaving off the first two words and renaming it Melaleuca, Inc., also known as “Melaleuca, The Wellness Company.” It now emerges as a direct marketing company (as they term themselves to avoid the multilevel marketing tag).

From then on, the company flourished with a wide range of kosher certified, organic products. The products are known to be natural – no additives, no chemicals, no artificial anything – and therefore environmentally friendly. As mentioned before, the main ingredient of most, if not all products, contain tea tree oil. The company sells cleaning products such as shampoos, detergents, and the like. They also offer nutritional supplements and vitamins, make-up and beauty products. You can get the products discounted when you register.

Melaleuca Scam: How Much Does it Cost to Join Melaleuca?

You can register for a fee of $29 but with hard work and dedication it might just be worth it all. You can earn money by recruiting people so that they can get the products at a discounted price. You must be tenacious in recruiting people. That may mean going outside, talking with friends and relatives and follow up. You earn a commission of 7% from your referrals’ purchases as a Marketing Executive and between 14 – 20% when you climb the comp plan. That means your commission is equivalent to 7% – 20% of the price of the products they buy. There’s a minimum monthly purchase (common in many network marketing companies) in order to remain active.

The commission and bonus checks are sent to you every 15th of each month (except when it falls in a weekend or a holiday.) They do not send the money directly to your bank, but they send the checks on time. Rare cases of late payment are inevitable and natural for a large company.

Well, my verdict on this case is: Melaleuca is definitely NOT a scam company. It is a great opportunity to earn and be successful in life. Maybe people with hurt feelings against this company and unsuccessful executives have hurled this against the company. Most likely they are not fully educated, easily frustrated, or incapable of growing the business. The next time you hear about this, stay away from the subject. With determination and the right knowledge and skills, you could earn and succeed with Melaleuca. Now that you’ve found an opportunity, seize it and see a door of hope open before you.

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Thanks For Reading My Melaleuca Reivew, I you like what you have read please leave a comment and share. Melaleuca Scam??

The Truth About Melaleuca – The Real Melaleuca Review

Melaleuca ReviewThanks for taking the time to have a look at me Melaleuca Review. There are numerous reviews about Melaleuca all over the internet. Network marketers here and there are raging about the 25-year old direct sales company. But what exactly endears Melaleuca to the public? Is it the company leadership? The wide-ranging products? Or is it the structure of the pay plan? Let’s find out!

WARNING: Melaleuca  is a legitimate company with “wanted products” and a generous compensation plan but without a flood of daily prospects and high quality leads 99% of distributors are toast in this dynamic and competitive market.

Melaleuca Review: About the company

Conceived in 1985, Melaleuca Incorporated was founded by Frank VanderSloot with a vision of helping people improve their health. He also envisioned the company being an instrument for these people to attain financial freedom.

The company’s headquarters is in Idaho, USA. Currently, it operates in 15 countries around the world. And since it started, it has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands distributors and customers globally.

Needless to say, Melaleuca has successfully lived up to its mission. Through the years, it has generated more than 800 million dollars in yearly sales, making the company one of the largest businesses in the Unites States.

melaleuca review

Melaleuca Review: About the product

As a wellness company, Melaleuca promotes and markets health and wellness products. Its wide-range product line is primarily made from oil produced by the Melaleuca Tree. This tea tree oil is proven to have beneficial medicinal properties, such as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-septic as well as cosmetic.

The company’s product line constantly receives raving reviews from happy customers. It ranges from personal and skin care products, to household cleaning products, to pet products, and even vitamin and food supplements.

These products are scientifically tested and proven to hold the highest standards of safety, health, and wellness. They are much safer and more concentrated than any other regular product that you can buy from the department store.

Many have testified on the efficacy and beauty of the products. Why not? Not only do the products contain natural and sustainable ingredients, they are also environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals.

Melaleuca Review: About the compensation plan

There are various ways to get paid in Melaleuca. Once you join, you can either become a preferred customer – someone who buys the products in wholesale prices – or a consultant, who builds their business with Melaleuca.

In addition, there are four major levels of advancement that you have to go through to reach the top – the director, senior director, executive director, and corporate director. All of which have 9 steps in between to advance.

Membership on the company only requires a low entry fee. But the potential to earn income is quite tremendous. You can make money by selling the products directly to consumers. This method can make for an immediate income. But if you’re looking long term income, combining retail sales with downline building is the best possible way to do so.

Of course, building a strong and solid organization will give you a clear shot of creating a reliable source of financial wealth as well as help you achieve long-term goals. And just like in any other business, it will take hard work, consistency, and right attitude to successfully take your business off the ground.

How are you going to grow and become a Top Produce in Melaleuca?

Promoting your new business to friends and family will only get you so far. In order to EXPLODE your business you going to need a flood of new prospects knocking your door you going to need to tap in to the New Era marketing methods. Most friend and family are happy with their lives and don’t have the desire to be a entrepreneur. Your going to need to attract those liked-minded entrepreneurs.

You need to discover targeted individuals to share this opportunity with, people that believe in the network marketing business model and people that will see the opportunity the way you did. Problem is the majority of network marketers do not have a clue how to market on the Internet. They try washed out marketing strategies and the result is lack money and a lack of income. When online marketing, you need to stand out from the pack and offer reps a real solution and reason why they should join. This is a key quality of  a great leader. If you market like the rest you are not standing out from the crowd. You need to stand out for the pack. Do you want to make money or lose money in Melaleuca? You need to stay consistent every day and expose people to you and your business every day and you will see success in Melaleuca.

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