MLM Success – Seven Must-Do Tips for Network Marketing Recruiting

network marketing recruitingNetwork marketing recruiting is the life blood of making a fortune in the MLM business model. 

Marketers are drawn to the business because they want a passive income lifestyle.  Yes, selling a huge volume of products can create a sizable income.  However recruiting and sponsoring new leaders or business builders Continue reading MLM Success – Seven Must-Do Tips for Network Marketing Recruiting

MLM Secrets – Getting Free Traffic from Search Engines: 5 Killer SEO Tips

mlm secretsYour here because you want to get the 411 on these SEO MLM Secrets. Well, if you want to start recruiting online, for your network marketing business, then you cannot afford to ignore the Biggest Name on the Internet – Google!

With Google you have the ability to send more traffic to your website than from anywhere else, and every single visitor is free.

Because Google can send you such a huge amount of visitors in such a short period of time, it’s important to look at what it takes to rank highly in search results.

This process is called Search Engine Optimization – SEO for short.

SEO can get very complex, because things can change so fast, but there are 5 basic proven tactics you can start using immediately to get your blog posts, articles, and website to rank higher in search results.

MLM Secrets 1. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the most important of these 5 SEO Tactics, because it involves finding out exactly what people are searching for every day, and more importantly… what they’re not searching for. You don’t want to waste your time creating articles and blog posts if nobody will ever read them.

Google has created an excellent (and free) keyword research tool here:

MLM Secrets 2. Quality Backlinks

When Google has to decide, in a split-second, which websites to rank highest for any particular search, it takes many things into account – one of the most important factors being Backlinks.

A backlink is when another site links to your site. That would be one backlink for you. Google looks at how many backlinks you have, and how important the sites linking to you are, to determine how important it thinks your site is. And the more important a site is, the higher it ranks! So the key is to get as many backlinks as possible from high-quality websites.

Click here for a Free Backlinking tool.

Get backlinks by the truckload with this new system


MLM Secrets 3. Keyword-rich Page Titles

If you want people to find you for a certain keyword phrase, try and make sure you’ve included it in the page title!  Think about what you see when you do a Google search for something – the top results almost always have your search terms in the page titles.

MLM Secrets 4. Anchor Text

When you link to pages on your site, or when other people do from their websites, the actual words that form the clickable link can positively affect your search engine rankings.  So when creating links don’t just use the words “click here”, use the keywords you discovered in your keyword research.

MLM Secrets 5. Target Keywords Within Body Content

A lot of people get this step wrong. On the one hand you have people who never use the keywords they wish to rank for, and on the other hand you’ve got the people who use them so much it looks like spam. If you want to rank in Google for a certain keyword or phrase, make sure you include it in the main content of your page. Make it fit naturally, and don’t just make a list of keywords, and don’t forget… don’t target too many keywords on any one page.  Keep it focused!

GOOD NEWS: Your competitors don’t know this stuff!

According to a report by dotSEO, only 25% of marketers know anything about Search Engine Optimization. This immediately disqualifies three quarters of your competitors! It also now puts you in that top 25%!

The report by dotSEO also says that only 14% implement their SEO knowledge, and 60% don’t currently invest in SEO at all.

This is by no means the end of your SEO education, but with what you already know you are probably able to take on most of your competitors. Your business can grow online, recruiting for you, while you handle other more important tasks – like training your new team members to duplicate your success. Discover more about MLM Secrets here!

Discover MLM Recruiting Online With 140 Characters or Less

MLM RecruitingMaster MLM Recruiting Online With 140 Characters or Less

MLM Recruiting with Twitter is too big to ignore.  Not only is it used by news agencies and your favorite celebrities, but also bloggers, business owners, network marketers, and increasingly… your friends and colleagues!

Twitter users are people with large social networks, and people with the ability to influence others. Go where your ideal mlm recruits are…

Twitter is the latest Social Networking site to grab everyone’s attention, and it shows no sign of slowing. There are now millions of users, and you can start growing your following immediately.

All marketing relies on an audience. If you have no audience for your message, you might as well not have a message. Twitter is an excellent tool to reach people online. It’s popular, it’s social, and it’s FAST. So much faster than a blog post, and so much quicker than making a video for YouTube. These are both good marketing tasks, but you can’t do them standing in line at the grocery store or when you’re watching a movie.

~ With MLM Recruiting You Must Understand the TWITTER LINGO

Some words you need to know:

* Tweet – a message you post to your profile for everyone to read
* Follower – someone who subscribes to your tweets
* Follow – when you subscribe to someone else’s tweets!
* @reply – when you direct a public tweet at a specific person, like “@arary_mcgowan hello”

~ WHAT SHOULD YOU POST ON TWITTERto Enhance Your MLM Recruiting?

Revealing your personality is more important than anything else. Just like offline mlm recruiting, online is all about “Know, Like and Trust”. If your prospects don’t know you and like you and trust you then they’re not your prospects!

With MLM Recruiting making the connection is vital. Join discussions. Start conversations. People will think you practically the ONLY legitimate Home Business Owner online who can help them. When the time is right they will go to an existing connection – YOU.

Post about your business successes, and attract successful people. Tweet your company news, showing things going from strength to strength.


One of the easiest ways of growing your list of followers is to first follow everyone you wish would follow you back. Most people will follow you back, which grows your list over time. You initiate the connection. Simple.

Here are some ways to find new followers:

* Twitter Search. You can use to search for keywords that people mention in their tweets. This is a great way to find those interested in similar issues to you.

* Find Who Follows Who. Navigate to a user’s profile and you’ll see in the sidebar some small images of who they follow. You’ll also find a link at the top to see everyone who follows them. This is goldmine information! Find someone popular in your niche and follow their followers – instant audience!

* Existing Links. Don’t forget to put a link to your Twitter profile in your email signature, on your blog, and on your Facebook profile, and anywhere else people will see it.

* Automation is critical for MLM Recruiting. There are plenty of Twitter Automation Tools, and the most popular is Tweet Adder ( You tell it who you want to follow, based on keywords or location etc, and it will get to work. It will then keep track of who doesn’t follow you back and unfollow them automatically a week or two later.

Twitter now has over 200 million users… how many of them are perfect for your mlm recruiting?

Unbiased Third Party Avon Review – Is Avon A Legit Home Based Business. Let The Truth Be Told

Avon ReviewOdds are you’re most likely exploring the Internet for an Avon review and have stumbled upon my blog and this article. Well congrats on carrying out your investigation because the majority of people won’t and get fired up to join an opportunity then wonder why they wind up failing. I can absolutely say though that Avon the real deal.

Who is Avon?

As the world’s largest direct selling company, Avon markets leading beauty, fashion, and home products around the world in more than 100 countries. It is indeed the company for women, boasting of an approximately 6.5 million independent Avon Sales Representatives. As a global leader for beauty products, this industry giant is committed to creating the finest products made from the best quality work of various beauty experts.

By becoming an independent Avon Sales Representative, you can sell the product to your family, friends, neighbors, and just about any person you may know. You can buy discounted products for yourself and you may even have the opportunity to get some of them for free. You get to enjoy numerous benefits just by being associated with this excellent company.

Clearly, Avon offers flexibility, glamour, rewards, and unlimited earning potential. Whether you are doing the business part-time or full-time, you are given a great opportunity to earn additional income and be your own boss at the same time. Whatís more, there is no need for you to be pressured to get to work. You can set your own time and schedule ñ wherever you want and whenever you want.

Avon Product Line

When it comes to product line, Avon has a track record of delivering first-to-market beauty technologies. The company continues to set new trends and revolutionize the industry by giving the public breakthrough products brought by Avonís global team of scientists and innovative beauty experts. From light-adjusting makeup, to better-hydrating lipstick, to revolutionary anti-aging skin care products, Avon has brought beauty products to whole new heights. The list simply goes on and on. As the company continues to provide ground-breaking products, more and more women are looking and feeling their best.

The good thing about Avon is that it helps you succeed both in personal and financial aspects. Through the company, you are able to achieve personal goals by gaining access to excellent marketing plans, selling tools, incentives, and other bonuses. What’s more, you’ll meet new and interesting people along the way. By simply selling Avon lipsticks, you can build friendships and strong relationships with your customers.

Recruiting is not a requirement for Avon.

However, it is great way to expand your business and grow your earning potential. The company offers rewards and incentives for unit leaders. Of course, it takes a great deal of time and effort in recruiting new representatives and growing your unit. Once established, your unit will help you reach your business goals and raise your income exponentially.

Sales leadership is your reward when you successfully recruit, train, and coach strong representatives to embark on the same path that you did. When you become a sales leader, you will not only earn income from your personal sales, you will also gain commission on your team’s sales performance.

The problem with Avon, however, is the lack of innovative training on the internet. While you can grow your business in a traditional manner by starting with your warm market, eventually you will have to go outside your comfort zone in order to grow your organization. To be successful at that, you need an effective marketing system that will generate leads on the internet and funnel them into your Avon business. You need to harness the power of the internet to establish yourself as a leader in your Avon business, setting yourself a cut above those with just a duplicated website.

Avon is a solid company. It has been in business 125 years and shows no sign of stopping. If you want to connect with a leader that will show you how to grow your Avon business on the internet, visit

Thanks for reading my Review of Avon, If you like what you’ve read please leave a comment below.