Warning::: Melaleuca Scam – Is Melaleuca Really A Scam. Let The Turth Be Told.

melaleuca scamThe Truth about the Melaleuca Scam.


MLM here, network marketing there. It must be really confusing to choose which company to join. Most likely if you are reading this review about Melaleuca Scam, you are researching about the business you are considering. Perhaps you are looking for a new opportunity in business, but reading this article can help you decide if the business is right for you.

Melaleuca Scam: Who is Melaleuca?

Melaleuca is a massive manufacturing company. Who actually compete against Proctor & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Lever Brothers and other manufacturing companies. Melaleuca does not compete against MLM and Network Marketing Companies like Amway/Quixtar, Shaklee, Nuskin, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Noni-Juice because they are not an MLM – Melalueca don’t inventory, sell, deliver or touch people’s products. They are a catalog shopping company and people order through an 800# or online 24 hours a day.

WARNING: Melaleuca Scam? Really?? Melaleuca is a legitimate company with “wanted products” and a generous compensation plan but without a flood of daily prospects and high quality leads 99% of distributors are toast in this dynamic and competitive market.

Melaleuca has been in the market for over 25 years. The company has derived its name from melaleuca, also known as tea tree, a star ingredient in their products. Melaleuca has its roots in the Consumer Direct Marketing company dating back to the ‘80’s. Frank VanderSloot dissolved the former Oil of Melaleuca, Inc., after suffering major loss of profits and re-established it, forming a new marketing plan and started this new company, shaving off the first two words and renaming it Melaleuca, Inc., also known as “Melaleuca, The Wellness Company.” It now emerges as a direct marketing company (as they term themselves to avoid the multilevel marketing tag).

From then on, the company flourished with a wide range of kosher certified, organic products. The products are known to be natural – no additives, no chemicals, no artificial anything – and therefore environmentally friendly. As mentioned before, the main ingredient of most, if not all products, contain tea tree oil. The company sells cleaning products such as shampoos, detergents, and the like. They also offer nutritional supplements and vitamins, make-up and beauty products. You can get the products discounted when you register.

Melaleuca Scam: How Much Does it Cost to Join Melaleuca?

You can register for a fee of $29 but with hard work and dedication it might just be worth it all. You can earn money by recruiting people so that they can get the products at a discounted price. You must be tenacious in recruiting people. That may mean going outside, talking with friends and relatives and follow up. You earn a commission of 7% from your referrals’ purchases as a Marketing Executive and between 14 – 20% when you climb the comp plan. That means your commission is equivalent to 7% – 20% of the price of the products they buy. There’s a minimum monthly purchase (common in many network marketing companies) in order to remain active.

The commission and bonus checks are sent to you every 15th of each month (except when it falls in a weekend or a holiday.) They do not send the money directly to your bank, but they send the checks on time. Rare cases of late payment are inevitable and natural for a large company.

Well, my verdict on this case is: Melaleuca is definitely NOT a scam company. It is a great opportunity to earn and be successful in life. Maybe people with hurt feelings against this company and unsuccessful executives have hurled this against the company. Most likely they are not fully educated, easily frustrated, or incapable of growing the business. The next time you hear about this, stay away from the subject. With determination and the right knowledge and skills, you could earn and succeed with Melaleuca. Now that you’ve found an opportunity, seize it and see a door of hope open before you.

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