ORGANO GOLD REVIEW – Is Organo Gold The Right Company to EXPLODE?

organo gold Welcome to my OrGano Gold Review. My intention here is to provide you with the real facts about O Gold so you can make an informed business decision as to whether or not this business is right for you.

WARNING – This article contains real, un-biased information about Organo Gold from the standpoint of a career network marketing OUTSIDE of the O Gold company.

It may be relatively new to the network marketing industry, but OrGano Gold is generating buzz by its distributors who are making waves of profits. It was reported that on its first year of operation (in 2008), OrGano Gold had 31 distributors or “rings” who earned over $100,000—in fact, many of them had hit the $250k-300,000 mark. This is a remarkable result for a start-up network marketing company.

Many industry pundits have commented on what makes O Gold stand out not just as a business opportunity, but as a network marketing company. For one, it’s possible to earn a full income with only retail sales of their products, which is extremely rare in the MLM industry. Most such companies encourage distributors to focus more on introducing others to the business (or sponsoring them), with retailing being a secondary purpose.


OrGano Gold: The Product

In the case of O Gold, its health and wellness products have inspired massive reorder demand from both its distributors and customers, with the leadership proudly endorsing reps to focus heavily on retailing rather than just recruiting. With this simple reality O Gold has created a paradigm shift within the industry.

OrGano Gold’s range of health and wellness products use the Ganoderma Lucidum herb—an organic one found to have been used in China for thousands of years to promote healing and health. Only emperors or members of the nobility were allowed to partake of it and it was often considered more precious than gold.

 OrGano Gold: The Benefits

Besides boosting the immune system, this herb carries anti-aging, weight loss, and even cancer- and HIV-fighting properties. O Gold brilliantly took this herb and added the world’s most popular beverage next to water: coffee. Unlike your regular brew, this drink is alkaline, not acidic, giving it an even greater appeal than its competitors.

To add to this amazing range of products, is the company’s compensation plan. There are three levels of entry: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, all of which have corresponding performance bonuses. When you join OrGano Gold, they also offer extensive marketing materials, webinars, conferences and other training options so you can exhaustively study the products, the company, and the business.

All in all, with O Gold’s amazing results in just a few short years, it has become a company to watch and learn from within the network marketing industry—and amidst other business opportunities. The truly amazing part of its success is because of the high demand and reorder of its flagship product. With a product line that creates its own demand for it, a lucrative compensation plan, and the right attitude and marketing strategy, even newbies in the industry can earn big with OrGano Gold.

How To Become A Top Producer in Organo Gold


How are you going to grow your business? Promoting your new business to friends and family will only get you so far. In order to EXPLODE your business you going to need a flood of new prospects knocking your door you going to need to tap in to the New Era marketing methods. Most friend and family are happy with their lives and don’t have the desire to be a entrepreneur. Your going to need to attract those liked-minded entrepreneurs.

You need to discover targeted individuals to share this opportunity with, people that believe in the network marketing business model and people that will see the opportunity the way you did. Problem is the majority of network marketers do not have a clue how to market on the Internet. They try washed out marketing strategies and the result is lack money and a lack of income. When online marketing, you need to stand out from the pack and offer reps a real solution and reason why they should join. This is a key quality of  a great leader. If you market like the rest you are not standing out from the crowd. You need to stand out for the pack. Do you want to make money or lose money in OG? You need to stay consistent every day and expose people to you and your business every day and you will see success in Organo Gold.


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