MLM Success – Goal Setting For Your MLM Success

Is Goal Setting Truly Necessary For Your MLM Success?

According to Geoffry F. Abert, the most vital part about goals is actually having one. Having a clear-cut, specific goal will tremendously help you. This is where the heart of MLM success – goal setting.

How is your current MLM progress holding up to your ultimate goals? Are you halfway with your to-do lists? Is your business on the right track? If you wish to succeed and make it big in MLM, you need a carefully laid out plan. It’s like going to a battle with the best weapon on hand- a great and meticulously made battle strategy. Your plans are your business strategies.

How do you start making your plan? First, sit down and clear your mind off from extraneous and irrelevant things. Sit, get a paper and pen then start plotting your goals. Transcend your hopes and dreams. Materialize them by attaching target dates. Spend your whole day doing this if you need to. Setting the goal is the most crucial element to your success so your time and effort must be put into formulating it. Most people spend a great deal of time on planning their next vacation tour than they do with planning their whole lives. One day they wake up with shock, regret and disappointment to find out that they have relatively gained no success in their lives or even close to fulfilling their dreams. Don’t let this happen to you!

There is a great deal of wisdom behind author and speaker Brain Tracy’s words, “People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.” The goals you set actually get into your psych. It powerfully shapes your mind-set. It can determine how highly motivated you are or if you are really motivated at all. If you think negative about reaching your goals such as it would still be a tedious and long process for you – then you’ve already lost the a battle even before it has started. This is simply true, no matter how easy or rocky your path to success is.

If you are firmly set and driven towards achieving all your objectives, you will get attain them, no matter how ideal they may be. Goals keep you focused. Focus propels you to your goals. It is the virtuous cycle.

Setting your goal is similar to setting your destination in the Sat Nav prior to driving off. You need to be aware about where you are going before setting out. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your time getting lost down the road, losing your energy and probably head off course. Far too many people start their new business without first setting time bound and realistic goals. They get the surprise one day when these enterprises fall apart and they are left to start again from scratch. This is their biggest mistake. Are you going to become one of them? Or would you like to differ and transform your life into the biggest MLM success as soon as possible.

As with every single planning, you need training to supplement your strategies. So be sure not to miss a single training event- learn from the people who have already made it big in MLM. Treasure and apply their wisdom – learn not just by doing but by observing as well.

The last thing you need to push you into making a great goal is perseverance. You must accept that there will be moments when you seem to be unlucky in finding people who show interest in your products or business opportunity, no matter how hard you try. Guess what, this is just normal. You will soon realize that things will balance out and you will get back on that train of success and be “on a roll”, success after success! With the right goal setting, you will achieve all your dreams steadily and exponentially. Be the next big thing, be the next MLM success!

MLM Sponsoring – Eight Body Language Signs to Watch Out For

MLM sponsoringMLM Sponsoring? Did you know that communication is actually only 10% verbal? The majority of what we communicate can be found in the tone of our voice (30%) and our actions (60%). Your prospect’s behaviour provides clues as to how they’re feeling, which in turn tells you how to deal with it. But body language goes both ways. You must be aware of your own behavior too so as to get the best possible reaction from your audience. Bear these in mind when presenting to a possible member when mlm sponsoring:

MLM Sponsoring Sign 1# The Eyes Have It

The single most important aspects of body language is, looking your prospect in the eyes.  This conveys respect, confidence, trustworthiness, and sincerity. Likewise, not doing so conveys fear, disinterest, lack of confidence, shame, and secretiveness.

It’s important to maintain eye contact while probing and building rapport with your prospect. Look at them longer and more often than at your presentation material. And it’s absolutely essential to look them in the eye when attempting to close.

If your prospect doesn’t want to meet your eyes, it’s likely that they’re intimidated by you or disinterested in what you have to say. Try to put them at ease by offering them something to eat or drink, or talk about common interests and other things you may both enjoy or care about.

MLM Sponsoring Sign #2 Lead with your Arms

Your arms can convey great emotion. Use grand gestures for high emotion, and keep your arms still for quiet, intense moments. Whatever you do, don’t cross your arms. This highly defensive position conveys anger or indifference. It practically screams, “I don’t care.”

If your prospect crosses his arms, he’s likely adopting a defensive position towards something you said. Try to re-engage them by shifting the focus back on them and what they want. Get them to participate. Instead of focusing on thoughts, ask them how they feel about what you’ve discussed.

MLM Sponsoring Sign #3 Mind your Head

 Keeping your head at a level, steady position is a sign of confidence and sends the signal that people should listen to you. On the other hand, tilting your head to the side is a sign that you are receptive and ready to listen.

 MLM Sponsoring Sign #4 Bridging the Gap

 As much as possible, sit beside your prospect. Having a desk between you only underscores the initial emotional distance between the two of you. Bridge it by sitting together and talking as equals. But pay attention to how comfortable they are with your distance. If you sense them pulling back from you, you may be intruding on their personal space and should back off.

 MLM Sponsoring Sign #5 Find the Right Angles

 Simply put, we angle ourselves to face people we like or we’re attracted to, and angle away from people who repel us. Face your body towards your prospect while talking to them, tilting or leaning forward to bodily “listen” to what they say. Likewise, when a prospect leans towards you it means they’re interested in what you have to say.

 MLM Sponsoring Sign #6 Handshakes for Dummies

 To begin with, make sure your hands are warm and dry! Nobody likes a cold, clammy hand that shows its owner’s nervousness. A firm grip on your handshake shows that you’re confident, friendly, and trustworthy.

When your hands are palms-up, they convey friendliness and openess. Palms down convey dominance and maybe even aggressiveness. This usually comes to play when shaking hands for the first time. It’s best to offer a level, upright handshake so as to show you’re on equal footing.

MLM Sponsoring Sign #7 Watch Those Legs

Twitchy, restless legs betray nerves and stress; try to keep them under control by planting both feet on the ground. As with crossing your arms, crossing your legs is a no-no. The “Figure 4” portrays you as arrogant, close-minded, or defensive. When your prospect does this himself, try to engage them in friendly, non-threatening banter.

In the end, people like to be liked. If you give every indication that you like the person sitting across from you, they’ll reflect the same thing back at you. And it’s always easier to present to a friendly audience when mlm sponsoring.

MLM Sponsoring – Four Steps to Doing Phone Call Invites

MLM SponsoringSo now you’re ready to start mlm sponsoring and inviting from your list of prospects, but your not quite sure how do you go about it……..

Below I will give you a few tips on exactly what you need to do when mlm sponsoring.

Phone calls are the quickest and most efficient way to reach someone you know. They’re warmer and friendlier than the average text message or email, and you don’t have to go out of your way to physically meet your invitee.

You just have to keep one thing in mind: The purpose of this call is to invite the prospect to come and see the business…and that’s all.

You will be tempted to explain the business—heck, you may even want to do the presentation over the phone! Please resist this temptation. Many people are not the auditory type who can easily visualize what you’re saying, and from there agree straight-away to join your business.

Presenting over the phone will most likely not get you the results that you want, and can even deter people from attending the presentation, so zip the lips! It’s better to have them meet you, where you can use every available tool you have in your arsenal to persuade and close them.

So now that the objective is clear, let’s move on to the steps.

MLM Sponsoring – Step 1: Preparation

First, set a particular time to make calls.  There isn’t one particular schedule that will be an exact fit for everyone, but people usually have time to speak with you in the morning right before work, just after their lunch break, or after work hours. So try to schedule your calls around those times.

Next, find a quiet place where you can make your calls undisturbed, and where you won’t disturb anyone else, say, your office or any private room.

Take a deep breath to clear your head, think about what you’ll say, then begin.

MLM Sponsoring – Step 2: Invitation

On the actual call itself, begin with this script:

“Hi Dana, it’s me Roger! How are you? (banter for a while) Great, I won’t take up too much of your time because I have a meeting to attend. I just wanted to share something with you briefly.– I’ve just started this amazing business with potential for global distribution, and I want to share it with you. Are you free to meet on Wednesday or Thursday evening?”

Simple, isn’t it? But this script actually does several things: a) it lets you reconnect or build rapport with your prospect; b) it gives them the signal that you don’t have long to talk and thus have no time to give details (the meeting can even be a lunch or dinner); c) it gives them the impression that your big business is worth getting excited about, and; d) it gives them the choice of two dates when YOU’RE free to present.

Feel free to alter the script as necessary, as long as you keep the above elements.

MLM Sponsoring – Step 3: Handling Questions & Objections

In a perfect example, your prospect will say, “Yes I’m free,” whereupon you give the time and place to meet for the presentation, thank them, and hang up. Moving on to the next name on your list.

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world and it’s highly likely that you’ll face some type of objection or questions, so here are some possible answers to questions they may have:

A. What kind of business is this?

Answer: “It’s a bit much to explain the details over the phone. I’d rather you see it for yourself, that’s why we need to meet. Is A or B better” (A or B being the dates and times you choose).

Or you can answer, ‘It’s a new business concept, that’s why we need to meet. Is A good or …”

B. Is it Sales? 

“Why, do you like sales? (Answers yes or no) Great, that’s why we need to meet. Is A good or …”


“We’re not looking for salespeople, we’re looking for business people.  Is A good or ,,,”

C. How much do I need to invest? 

“We’re not looking for investors, we’re looking for business people. Is A good or …

“The company is fully funded. We’re looking for smart, key people to work with us. Is A good or …”

D. Is it Company A/Company B (other big name networking companies)?

“It’s not Company A/Company B, that’s why we need to meet.  Is A good or …”

E. Is it Networking/MLM/Direct-selling?

“It’s a new business concept, that’s why we need to meet. Is A good or …”

“What do you know about networking?” (answers sales, recruiting, etc.)  “This is not about sales or recruiting, that’s why we need to meet. Is A good or…”

F. Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

“That’s illegal. This business is completely legal, that’s why we need to meet. Is A good or …”

If the prospect is still unsure, you can use the following power lines as well:

a. “You know me, I wouldn’t call you if I didn’t think this is important.”

b. “I’m not asking you to commit to anything. Just come and see what I’m talking about.”

c. “I’m looking for key business people I trust who can be a good fit for this organization. I immediately thought of you.”

d. “If the money is right and it won’t impact what you’re doing now, would you be open to seeing this business?”

MLM Sponsoring Step 4: Secure the Meeting

Once your prospect says yes, agree to the time and place to meet. Repeat the time and place so they won’t forget—better yet, email or text it to them. After that, it’s a matter of following them up a day or two before you meet.

Always focus on your objective—to get them to come and see the business, not to give details on the phone. Finally, always give them the impression that you’ll be happy to see them. To do that, simply SMILE while you’re talking. Even if they can’t see you, people can hear a smile through your voice.

Good luckin your MLM Sponsoring and happy calling!

MLM Success – How To Convert Reluctant Prospects

MLM SuccessThis blog post is for your MLM Success. You will learn how To Convert Reluctant Prospects in to team members.

Ever met a prospect who flat out refuses to believe you? Do they simply contradict everything you say?

Here is a skill that may get them to see your side and agree with your point of view.

MLM Success – Keep pushing and you’ll push them away

Answering objections is a skill you’ll want to learn very early in network marketing if you want to mlm success. The trouble is, even the correct, accurate answer may not always get you what you want.

People can give objections like “network marketing is a pyramid scam,” or “only the people on top get to make money,” or “MLMs are illegal businesses” or “only people who already have big networks in place can get rich.” Just simply telling them the opposite thing may not work at all. You may win the argument but you can lose the customer.

Nobody likes to be wrong, and nobody likes to be proven wrong. When you push, they’ll push back. The harder you push someone to change their minds, the harder they’ll try to entrench themselves in their opinion. They may say, “I know I’m right because I know someone who lost a lot of money in MLM.”

So if they believe they’re right and you can’t get them to budge, do you just give up? Of course not! You can use the power of appreciation to get them to see you point of view.

For MLM Success Sincerely listen to their side

The first step in appreciation is find out where your prospect is coming from. To do this, you need to make less statements and ask more questions.

For example, if you client says that “your business is just a pyramid scam,” ask them, what do you mean by pyramid scam?” and “why do you say that my business is one?”

These questions are not meant to be asked defensively. You’ll want them to understand that you’re curious about what makes them think that way. You want to sincerely understand their side of the story. Saying things like “How do you mean?” or “Help me understand,” or “What makes you say that?” are all meant to probe your prospect’s emotions. This attitude allows them relax and put their guard down.

Sometimes when you ask someone to clarify their statement, they may see on their own that their opinion is unfounded or inaccurate (e.g. “it’s shaped exactly like a pyramid, so I thought it was a pyramid scheme). If you’re lucky, they may even decide to correct themselves all on their own.

But even if this doesn’t happen, you are still one step closer to an agreement and mlm success.

For MLM Success Appreciate their point of view

Here’s the key aspect of this approach and requires as much sincerity as when you were listening: simply acknowledge their point of view.

This does not mean you agree with them! It simply means you see the merit of their opinion, even if you don’t share it. Spoken truthfully, “I understand how you feel” is a very powerful statement. It means that you understood them, that their side made sense. People will feel that you respected their opinion, and this invites them to respect yours.

You can go further by stating that if you were in their shoes, you would probably feel the same way. For example:

“I understand how you feel. You dropped $500 into an MLM and didn’t get your money back. Losing your investment in any business is rough. If it happened to me, I’d feel the same way and wouldn’t give network marketing a second thought.”

Again, let the signal be clear: you sincerely understand their side. Once they see that, it’s easier for the two of you to agree on something.

For MLM Success Get them to appreciate you

Now you can move on with stating your side. Get them to see the merit of your point of view. One well-used formula is the feel, felt, found method.

“I understand how you feel. I once felt that I was terrible at sales and wouldn’t even be able to answer a single question the customer would throw at me. But I found that the company trains its downlines very well, and wouldn’t even let me do presentations until I was ready. Also, it was less about selling and more about sharing the benefits of the product with other people.”

You can restate the formula in any way you wish.

“I get what you’re saying. I was pretty much the same when I started. I thought only the people above me would get rich and I was going to wind up losing my investment. But I realized that they were personally interested in my development and were willing to help me get my organization going. They taught me everything I needed to know to be successful. Now I’m earning an extra $1,000 a week and I’ve been nothing but grateful.”

Because you didn’t undermine what your prospect said, they’ll find it easier to appreciate what you say. Mutual appreciation opens the door to agreement, and is one of the most efficient ways to close a prospect and come closer to mlm success.

MLM Leverage – The Power of Leverage

MLM LeverageMLM Leverage – The Power of Leverage


Network Marketing was the first place that I have ever heard about the concept of mlm leverage.  Considering that the American Dream is often paved with a college degree and a “good education”, I would naturally assume that leverage would be a term that the white house would want to expose all of it’s citizens to.  However, it doesn’t happen that way.


Let’s take a look at two different but common scenarios:


Scenario 1:


As a child, you were told to study hard, get a college degree, and look for a decent job with decent pay. You followed your parents’ advice and landed a job with substantial pay—enough to cover your expenses but not sufficient to splurge on luxury items. You know that you truly deserve a promotion; with all the time and effort you’ve invested in your work. But years have already passed and you are still in the very same position you applied for.


Scenario 2:


As a child, you were told to study hard, get a college degree, and look for a decent job with decent pay. But in this case, you didn’t follow what your parents told you to do. Instead, you went out of your comfort zone and searched for the right business opportunity that is more than enough to cover both your expenses and luxurious lifestyle. A couple of years passed and you are exactly where you projected yourself to be, successful, happy, surrounded by like-minded people while far exceeding the income you would have earned had you followed the “Poor Dad” scenario.


Are you one of those people that lives your life making a living based on 100% of your own efforts? Or would you rather earn 1% out of the efforts of 100 people?

Unfortunately, the majority of the population is being educated and trained to experience the first scenario. They are taught to be a conformist—to do what others tell them to do and to look for a job after they complete a college degree. Forget about the idea of owning your own business. If you already have a job that guarantees substantial pay, why risk it all for some random idea that may never pay off?

These very same people claim that they would like to be their own boss but only a small percentage possess the burning desire for success and are willing to risk their comfort zones. Others are afraid of rejection, difficulties, and failure while some are simply satisfied with their jobs.


However, if you are more than willing to take a risk and go way out of your comfort zone to pursue greater economic freedom, then you must be able to understand the principle of mlm  leverage.

 MLM Leverage

Leveraging is the art of duplicating your time through the efforts of others to achieve maximum results. It is through leveraging that you are given the chance to gain more with less effort.

Though the force of mlm leverage is applied to almost every aspect of your life, it is only through network marketing that you get the most out of it. Undeniably, in a traditional business setting, the only people who benefit from leveraging are mostly the business owners or the top executives of the company. When in fact, it is the loyal and hardworking employees that are really the ones who do all the work. But sadly, they are left with little compensation.
As opposed to traditional businesses, everyone involved in network marketing is given an equal opportunity to build their own business by spending only a portion of their time and energy to experience maximum results. Through leveraging, everybody has the chance to earn what they’re worth.
One of the many advantages of proper leveraging is that whenever a business partner stops working, it will only have a minor effect on your business’ productivity. The stability of the business won’t be jeopardized and you still get to enjoy a continuous flow of residual income.

 MLM Leverage

This principle allows people to live the lifestyle they choose; they can work whenever they want to and they can decide how much effort they will put into it. They get paid even on vacation! In this industry, you get to enjoy both time freedom and financial freedom at the same time.


Now ask yourself, “Where is my lever?” In order to Have MLM Success you need to master the power of mlm leverage.