Network Marketing Strategy – Attraction Marketing

Personal branding is the essence of any attraction marketing strategy. Those who develop a network marketing strategy that does not include personal branding are unlikely to be successful in this industry. Unless you become a leader and communicate this clearly, no one is likely to get to know, like, and trust you. Consequently, no is likely to join your downline.

Those who are reluctant to develop their brand claim that they don’t want to be egotistical completely miss the point. Attraction marketing is not about ego, but about becoming a positive sphere of influence. The most important brand is not your company, it is you.

Personal branding is the best network marketing strategy anyone could recommend. It is, in essence, self-promotion without being obnoxious about it. While it would be nice to have most people toot your horn, this will only happen once your own self-promotion gains momentum. If not you, then who? Although you may be a naturally modest and self-effacing person, don’t let this hold you back from implementing a successful network marketing strategy. You don’t necessarily have to undergo a radical personality change, just change your image. In other words, change the way others perceive you.

Here’s why this is important: People who join an MLM are looking for someone who can provide them with a solid networking marketing strategy that will help them to be successful. If you are not willing to step up for the role, someone else will and you will not develop a significant downline.

Attraction Marketing Made Simple: 3 Simple Ways To Build Your Personal Brand

1. Build a blog around your own name. Always choose a dot com name. If you have a common name and the name is already taken then add a preface to your name. Suppose your name is “Michael Jones.” You can try words like “discover,” “learn,” “win,” etc. For instance, you can come up with something like “” While you may be able to get “,” most people assume that a domain name ends with dot com and will mistype your name into their browser.

2. Facebook and Twitter. While there are numerous ways to take advantage of Web 2.0 or social media marketing, start with these two. You will develop your brand on Facebook through your personal page and a fan page, and you will develop your Twitter profile through regular tweets.

3. Write articles about your niche and post it in article directories. You can even author ebooks that people can download from your blog. If you can’t write, then hire someone to ghostwrite for you. Also consider the possibility of contributing to offline publications like newspapers and magazines.

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Network Marketing Strategy – 3 Steps to Success

The Global Recession has opened new doors to success for those willing to take the challenge and try something new. With the advancement in technology, those laid off or made redundant by their companies are turning to the internet to make money to meet every day needs. Most people are turning to Network marketing which according to Robert Kiyosaki Bestselling, Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, is the business of the 21st Century.

In order to be successful in network marketing you will need to understand some important secrets that only the master marketers understand and live by. No matter what program you are a part of, in order for you to succeed online you would need to master this 3 step process.

1.) Build a list
Whether you have built a website or not, the first critical step to get your business off the ground is to develop a list or a database of leads. If you currently have your own website you will need to get a lead capture page with an auto responder so that you can easily build a list and manage your prospect interest. You must complete step one before you can properly move to step 2.

2.) Build a Relationship with your prospect list
Building a relationship with your prospect list is a basic skill in network marketing. Network marketing is a business based on connecting with people. Just because it’s is mainly internet based doesn’t mean you can hide behind your computer and not connect with your leads, ie people. If you are not comfortable connecting or talking to people then sorry to say you are in the wrong business. Now you can still make money and not talk to a soul but if you want to be successful in network marketing you need to build relationships.

3.) Monetize your list
After you have built and connected with your list you can start to make money. If you notice, opportunities to make money will come after building relationships. This step is where most marketers screw it up. What most network marketers do is they build a list and then move straight into selling their product or try to get there list of people to join their business. This happens because most network marketers don’t have patience and they don’t think they need to spend the necessary time to develop their relationships. Unfortunately, they think all they need to do is generate traffic on their site; develop a list of prospects and BAM try to monetize on it. I can tell you from experience that does not work. The key is to success is to build a relationship and allow your prospect to get to know you then the business will come.

It is important to understand that this process is simple to understand and follow. This process will force you to move out of your comfort zone. The key would be to set small daily goals for yourself such as contacting one person a day from your prospecting list and connect with them, build a rapport based on location, hobbies, interests or favorite sport teams and sees if you can help them in any way. When you do that you will see your comfort level increase and your business start to take off. Good luck!

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