Numis Network Reivew

If you have not heard about the Numis Network then this review is for you, also if you have heard of Numis and you have any questions please continue to read also.

Numis Network is a Gold and Silver Network Marketing Company which was established in 2009. The people behind the company are Jake Kevorkian, Chris Kent and Ian Cordell. They have over 20 years each in network marketing. Jake was the #1 earner in a health and wellness network marketing company. He then ended up buying the company and then selling it off to his partner a few years ago. Ian and Chris owned a company named IDSTC (International Direct Sales Technology Corporation), which was a software solution providing company for other networking marketing companies. Over the last 10 years they have created over 400 compensation plans for other network marketing companies. So these are the guys that have seen what works, what doesn’t work, what make companies succeed and most importantly what make companies fail. So with 10 years of experience helping over 400 companies they know the recipe of success and they have put it all together in Numis Network.

Numis is a refreshing product that has no competition. In network marketing there are nearly 5,000 companies competing with similar products and services in a few limited categories. With the traditional network marketing companies their products have common disadvantages.

1.) Once the product is consumed it is gone forever.
2.) Most products or services either expire or become worthless

With Numis Network the advantages you have are:
1.) Everybody wants the product and everybody loves it.
2.) The product is exciting and prestigious
3.) Competitors can’t ever make a better one
4.) Have a lasting value and won’t become obsolete
5.) Can be shared for generations
6.) Demand is at an all-time high.
7.) AND It has never been done in network marketing

Numis Network is pioneering the sale of graded gold and silver coins through network marketing. Well, you may ask who is buying these coins. Let me tell you this is a $100 Billion industry, $11 Million is sold every hour and it has never been done in network marketing. The gold and silver numismatic coins industry has no clear leaders and Numis Network is in position to become the industry leader. The timing for gold and silver couldn’t be better.

What is the product? Numis Network Provide Government Issued Graded Gold and Silver Coins. What happen is they ship hundreds of thousand gold and silver bullion coins to be graded. Numis Network Uses the World’s leading Independent Graders.

ANACS – American Numismatic Association Coin Service
NGC – Numismatic Guarantee Corp
PCGS – Professional Coin Grading Services
Only 10% of the coin that are produced form the World Mints qualify for the highest grade of: Mint State 70. The coins that are certified MS70 are sonically sealed and encapsulated in for protection. These are the coins offered by Numis Network.

With Numis Network there is no experience necessary because there is step-by-step video training by Numis Top Leaders Ray Higdon, David Wood and Cedrick Harris. You will receive in-depth training, you will learn what and what not to say and how to effectively market on the internet. All the secrets the top internet marketers use to grow there Numis Network Business. This is one of the best network marketing companies to be a part of because there is so much support and everyone is out to help each other.

For more information on the Numis Network and how you can join visit and you will get a complete over view from top Earner Ray Higdon.

How to Promote on Facebook

If you are looking to succeed in network marketing you have to use necessary tools and learn how to promote on Facebook to generate leads. Facebook is the one of the best sources of free leads. Facebook has over 500 million users worldwide. There is no other social media site online hotter than Facebook. I want to give you some tips and strategies to generate leads into your business using the world’s best social network site.

What is the standard for success in social media marketing? Well, the answer is simple; socializing on a social media website. Your fellow Facebook users do not want to be bombarded with business pitches and invites to your business opportunities. Someone always has the next best thing. I am sure you have seen messages “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity” or a “Ground Floor Opportunity Don’t Miss Out”. Trying to get followers this way is not best way how to promote on Facebook.

How to promote on Facebook for lead generation? The key is not to promote your business initially. Your main focus should be to connect with people by getting to know your friend list. Every day you login to your Facebook account, send out a greeting to your friends. Use that chat feature to spark conversation about common interest. Find out about your friends’ work, family, favorite sports team or favorite places to travel. The goal is to build rapport and trust with your friends’ list.

After building a list and networking with your friends in order to set yourself apart from others you have to add value. This can be achieved by showing your new friends’ useful sites or webinars available. Once you have made a connection and they know you, as a person they can trust, then they will want to know what you do.

Please understand me when I say, Facebook is not my main strategy for leads. But, it is the simplest. All I do is connect with my friends’ list and they have the option opt into my blog’s RSS feed and newsletter. This is only because they find what I have to say valuable and helpful. It’s also helpful to manage your new network by scheduling time within the day to follow up on messages and new friend requests.

Another way on how to promote on Facebook is to target people from Facebook Groups that relate to your niche market or product. You will need to stand out from the rest of the marketers out there. You should not send them a link to your business opportunity, this will automatically turn them off to you and they can report you as a spammer.

The cool thing about network marketing is you are building relationships and connections with people from all walks of life and from different countries around the world. The only thing you must understand is you’re in this business to network. If you follow these networking tips via Facebook, you will attract droves of people to you and explode your primary business. It will take patience but you will get there. Good Luck and See You At The Top.

Additional information on How to Promote on Facebook training available.

Network Marketing – Is Your Dream Big Enough?

Is Your Dream Big Enough?

If you have chosen network marketing as your vehicle for realizing your dreams, you have chosen well. You will have an incredible journey as you navigate towards the future you dream of …….. You will almost certainly encounter roadblock as you progress toward where you want, and deserve, to be. This after all is Reality. Knowing why you are doing what you are doing is more important than knowing how when you are tested. When you know what you are working for, whatever happen along the way, your passion will propel you forward.

Some people see things as they are and say, “Why?”

I dream things that never were and say, “why not?”

-George Bernard Shaw

Network Marketing Strategy – The Keys to Success

A bullet proof Network Marketing Strategy is key to your success in any MLM company. No matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned network marketer, a solid network marketing strategy will ensure your longevity in the industry. If you follow my advice laid out here, you will explode your business and have a great career in network marketing.

There is a known fact in the MLM industry, 97% of all marketers fail. Yes, 97% fail to make $500 in their lifetime and this I due to the fact there is no clear plan or strategy in place or they are given outdated strategies that will not work in this new era.

Now, a strategy is an overall blue print for your success. When a builder starts to build a house, he does not start with the roof first. The first project a builder does is construct a strong foundation, a foundation strong enough to withstand anything thrown at it. This is the case for anything in life especially network marketing.

The first network marketing strategy you need to implement is branding yourself.  You need to promote YOU, That’s it, and that’s all, YOU, Inc. Before anyone joins you, they will need you to provide them with valuable information. They will need to see that you’re creditable and an authority in the industry. This means stop promoting you company replicated site. Everyone who joins your primary company is giving the same site to promote. What makes your site different for the rest? (YOU, INC,) You will need to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.

Secondly, your next network marketing strategy is you will need to provide value. You will need to be seen as an expert in your industry. I hear you, you said that “but, I am new” Ok, I understand that but you have to understand that everyone was new before. All you will need to do is watch a lot of videos, read a lot of articles and become a master of your industry and come off as an expert. Get in front of a camera and let everyone know you are an expert in your industry. You will spread your expertise on your blog, in video and in articles.

The next network marketing strategy is, have a lead capture page. A majority of network marketer don’t have this critical tool. A capture page will allow your readers or viewers to subscribe to your information. But how, you ask?? When you promote YOU, INC. in videos and articles you will have a link that will direct your readers or views to your capture page. This page will call your prospect to action, asking them if they like the information you provide, they can to opt-in to receive new information as it’s ready. This is when you will start to create your list of leads.

For the final network marketing strategy you need to implement is a system of following up with your leads. When someone fills out the form on your capture page, you will then have the ability to follow up with them and provide them with more value and eventually sell them something or get them to join your business. Now, with recent technology this process is 10 times easier. You will have the option to have an auto responder, which will follow up with your prospects on autopilot. This tool is great because you will get to the point when you will not have the time to follow up with your leads.

Your prospect want to work with leaders, experts in their industry, that can help solve their problems and get them to the next level. When you follow these steps you will become that leader that other are looking to follow.

Your key is to follow this network marketing strategy and stop trying to cut corners. The rules to network marketing are simple. All you have to do is follow them and let them work to your benefit.


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